Thursday 28 February 2019

Radio Songs #56: Barnacles

I mentioned a few weeks back how I wouldn't want to park my car on the streets outside our old radio station when I was working nights, and was always glad of the internal courtyard car park, even though it was a bit laborious getting your car in and out of there. This reminded me of another story...

On the Saturday morning show that I co-hosted in the early 90s, I worked with a couple of colleagues making short comedy sketches and skits. They spent long Friday nights voicing and mixing my silly scripts or coming up with ideas of their own, and most of the time, they weren't getting paid.

One Friday night there was a particularly bad snowfall, but we all still made it into work because we enjoyed this particular creative outlet... and also, I guess none of us had proper Friday night lives back then. Because of the snow, one of my colleagues couldn't be bothered putting his car in the courtyard - he basically drove it into a snowdrift on the street outside and left it.

A couple of hours later we glanced out of the window of the first floor sales office only to see someone sitting inside his Mini. A complete stranger. We wondered what to do: call the police? What chance they'd come out on a night like this? In the end, we decided to go confront this would-be car thief. After all, there were three of us and only one of him.

"What the hell are you doing in my car?" shouted the owner of the Mini.

"I was cold," said the guy in the car.

"So you broke into my car!?"

"I was cold," he repeated.

"I don't care how cold you are - get out of my car!" (Expletives may have been added to this sentence. But more in desperation than aggression.)

"Oh, it's all right for you guys, isn't it," the cold-handed SIWOC-er cried.

(Sitting In Without Owner's Consent?)

"Oh, it's all right for you guys... working in your fancy radio station - cushy job with a big fat salary. I'm a manual labourer, I am! I can't even afford a car to sit in on a Friday night! Look - feel my hands - they've got calluses on them. They've got barnacles!"

Eventually he got out of the car and went on his way. But only after one us had gone inside to "call the police", leaving the other two out there to "keep him talking".

The irony of all this is that to people in the outside world, a "media" job might seem cushy and well-paid. That certainly wasn't the truth back then. None of us were getting paid that night, and when we did get paid, it was on a variable hours contract with no benefits or job security.

Still, he was right about one thing: our hands were completely barnacle-free.

Here's the first song that came to mind today... worth watching the video and playing "spot the special guests". Jarvis! Jason Donovan!

Wednesday 27 February 2019

My Top Ten Songs Nobody Knows

As a rather obvious sequel to last week's Top Ten Songs Everybody Knows... here's ten songs Nobody Knows.

The illustration at the top of the page is one I found online. I certainly don't know anything about Dick Gyllander, and I'd hazard a guess that nobody else reading this would... except he's a jazz musician from Sweden... so one of you might be familiar with his work.

10. Mike & The Mechanics - Nobody Knows

I would defend the Paul Carrack voiced M&TM to the hilt if the synthy 80s arrangements didn't sound so dated now. There's some good songs buried underneath the over-production.

9. Tom Waits - No One Knows I'm Gone

A very sad song about a man who dies with nobody to mourn him.

8. The Raspberries - Nobody Knows

I can see her dancing with someone else
Holding him so close while I'm by myself
I just want to hit him but that won't do

No, Eric, it won't. Violence is not the answer.

7. Otis Redding  - Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out

A cautionary tale from the 1920s about a millionaire who ends up on skid row... covered by everyone from Tim Hardin to the Spencer Davis Group to the Allman Brothers to Derek & The Dominoes. I'll take Otis.

6. The Feelies - Nobody Knows

The Feelies got together in '76, released 4 albums before 1992, took a bit of time off, then got back together in 2008. This was released in 2011. That's as much as I know. I imagine Brian can tell you more.

5. Paul Brady - Nobody Knows
Nobody knows why Elvis threw it all away
Nobody knows what Ruby had to hide
Nobody knows why some of us get broken hearts
And some of us find a world that’s clear and bright

For Mark.

4. Ballboy - Nobody Really Knows Anything

A relationship falls apart and those concerned keep denying it's happening.

3. Billy Bragg - No One Knows Nothing Anymore

Great song. Questionable grammar.

2. Sam Cooke - Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen

A traditional African America slavery song from  the 19th century, recorded by many respectable artists including Paul Robeson, Louis Armstrong... and Hefner. But you're gonna have to go some to beat Sam Cooke.

1. Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows

Probably my favourite QOTSA track.

The Divine Comedy do an inspired cover of it too.

Nobody knows if you will leave a comment...

Tuesday 26 February 2019

Hot 100 #50

That's 50 Cent, Fiddy to his mates, introducing us to the second half of our countdown of songs relating to numbers. Here's what you had for me this week...

Charity Chic kicked us off with the theme tune to Hawaii 5-0, which I wouldn't have considered, but as I did make it Number One in My Top Ten TV Themes (Instrumental) last year, it was a pretty good call.

Next came C, with a track that was definitely in consideration...
PJ Harvey - 50 Ft Queenie
Lynchie suggested a couple of fine lyrical fifties the first of which was this...
Talking Heads - People Like Us
In 1950 when I was born
Papa couldn't afford to buy us much
He said be proud of what you are
There's something special 'bout people like us

I've been listening to a lot of Talking Heads lately, so that went down very well.

Other songs about the year / decade 1950(s) included...
The Police - Born In The 50s
When Sting is finally called to answer for his many, many crimes against songwriting, this is one of those tunes that will spend quite some time in the witness box, particularly these lines...

Oh we hated our Aunt
Then we messed in our pants
Moving on...
Scotty Baker - '50 Buick
...was the only car song I could find this week.

I'm sure there are hundreds more songs that drop a lyrical mention to the decade that spawned rock 'n' roll, but we haven't got time to go fishing for them, so I'll finish with this... which doesn't appear to have much to do with the decade at all, but - as with 99% of all other Wedding Present tunes - is actually about screwed up relationships...
The Wedding Present - 50s
Where was I? Oh yeah: Lynchie's other suggestion... and it's a belter. This would have been a definite winner most weeks.
Battleship Chains - (made famous by) The Georgia Satellites
Warren Zevon covered this song. It rocks! (Actually, that's Warren with Peter Buck & Bill Berry from REM, trading as The Hindu Love Gods.)
 I love the original version by The Woods, cos it's got a ship siren at the start!
You got me tied down with battleship chains

50 foot long and a two ton anchor
Tied down with battleship chains
50 foot long with a two ton anchor

Like C, I didn't know that was a cover. I prefer the Georgia Satellites version though: it really does rock.

Finally, Lynchie asked whether or not 50/50 songs would be allowed. Well... go on then. Here's a few...
John Wesley Harding - Fifty Fifty Split
Cocteau Twins - Fifty Fifty Clown
Suzanne Vega - Fifty Fifty Chance
The Strokes - 50 50
The Del McCoury Band - 50/50 Chance
All the way from Dubai, Jim was back, digging around in his library to find a well-fingered copy of...

...sorry, Jim, I couldn't resist that... or the awful sub-Benny Hill pun that preceded it.

What Jim actually suggested was the far superior...
Edwyn Collins - 50 Shades of Blue
Jim's second suggestion was an entirely new one to me... definitely worth discovering though.
Steve Diggle - 50 Years of Comparative Wealth
Not the only song I found to mention 50 years though. Here are a few of my own...
Biff Bang Pow! - 50 Years of Fun
Guided By Voices - When She Turns 50
The Fall - 50 Year Old Man
(Surprisingly, The Swede didn't suggest that last one though he did suggest another Mark E. Smith tunes, Masquerade, for these cheery lyrics: ' a fish dish the grim visage altered again and again, the fifty percent interest ran out today, account altered...')

And then there was this... my runner-up this week... a clear winner most other weeks. Aimee Mann's debut album takes some beating...
Aimee Man - 50 Years After The Fair
Roger McGuinn on guitar & backing vocals there, if you're interested.

Meanwhile, a couple more from The Swede...
Bob Dylan - The Tempest
...which he might have suggested because it mentions fifty thousand tonnes of steel... or maybe because it goes on for about 50 minutes.
Otway & Barrett - DK 50/80
To which the only response is...

(I'm obviously very excited to have Alan back on TV.)

Rigid Digit was next up with this little beauty... with Stephen Fry on guest vocals.
Kate Bush - 50 Words For Snow
And also a lyrical 50 which he became rather pedantic about and I had to challenge on the basis of artistic license...
Squeeze - Up The Junction 
"This morning at 4:50, I took her rather nifty..." 
Great song, a soap opera in 3 and a half minutes. But one cannot ignore the chronological error. 
This morning she gave birth to a daughter (at 5:20, pedantic fact fans) 
Within a year she was a walker (OK, this may have been a guess or expectation). 
But then, just 2 lines later, he is already 2 years in the future
Like I said: artistic license. And I thought I was a pedant. Great song though.

We then welcomed a new player, Douglas McLaren, with a very fine suggestion...
The Tragically Hip - Fifty Mission Cap
...and with songs like that, Douglas, you're welcome back here anytime.

However, sometimes I just have to go for the obvious choice... so here it is, a tune I've always had a great fondness for.

King of Pedantry Rigid Digit pointed out that Paul Simon only actually names 5 of the 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover...

Just slip out the back, Jack, make a new plan, Stan
Don't need to be coy, Roy, just listen to me
Hop on the bus, Gus, don't need to discuss much
Just drop off the key, Lee, and get yourself free

...and both he and Alyson wondered what the other 45 may be.

To answer that question, I can direct you towards Carol Brown by Flight of the Conchords, in which Jermaine Clement gives you at least another 19, including...

Loretta broke my heart in a letter
She told me she was leaving and her life would be better
Joan broke it off over the phone
After the tone she left me alone

Jen said she'd never ever see me again
When I saw her again, she said it again
Jan met another man
Liza got amnesia, just forgot who I am

Felicity said there was no electricity
Emily, no chemistry
Fran, ran, Bruce turned out to be a man
Flo had to go, I couldn't go with the flow

Carol Brown just took the bus out of town
But I'm hoping that you'll stick around

Mimi will no longer see me
Brittany, Brittany hit me
Paula, Persephone, Stella, and Stephanie
There must be fifty ways that lovers have left me

Mona, you told me you were in a coma
Tiffany, you said that you had an epiphany

(Bruce is my favourite.)

And while I can't name the other 26 off the top of my head, I can also direct you Okkervil River's Plus Ones, a very fine song which reveals #51 (as well as revealing what happens to the 97th tear and the 100th luftballoon, among others)...

51st way to leave your lover
Admittedly, it doesn't seem to be as gentle
Or as clean as all the others

Still. The problem is all inside your head, it seems to me...

49 next week. I have a feeling these posts are about to get longer and longer...

Monday 25 February 2019

Monday's Long Song: Masterpiece

If you're going to call a song - not to mention a whole album - Masterpiece, then you better be pretty sure of yourself. If you're the Temptations though, at the height of your Motown fame, you can probably get away with it.

This was not intended to be the Temptations' masterpiece though, but that of writer/produce/Motown legend Norman Whitfield. This 14 minute track actually only includes 3 minutes of the Temptations, the rest belongs to Whitfield and Motown session musicians The Funk Brothers. If you're familiar with the extended version of Papa Was A Rolling Stone (which preceded this), you'll know what to expect. Me, I could listen to these guys play all day - 14 minutes goes by in a flash.

Sunday 24 February 2019

Saturday Snapshots #72 - The Answers

It may not feel much like a Pleasant Valley Sunday on the weekend we said goodbye to this gentlemen, but he certainly left us with some amazing musical memories.

RIP, Peter Tork, you and your pals made us all daydream believers...

As I type this on Saturday evening, we've had no takers for this week's number 10... which might be my first win in quite some time. Otherwise, Lynchie took the crown, with admirable support from Charity Chic, Walter, Chris, Rigid Digit and a last minute save by C.

10. King Midas's stooge sounds like the bloke up above.

King Midas turned everything he touched to solid gold.

Mo was one of the Three Stooges.

The gentleman at the top of yesterday's post was David Soul

Mo Solid Gold - David's Soul

If you've never heard that before, it's worth 4 minutes of your time.

9. Sly Lincoln reveals what you have to do (to get the answer to this clue).

Sly Lincoln is an anagram.

Lyn Collins - Think (About It)

8. Pioneering agriculturist mishears Sister Sledge's greatest tune.

Jethro Tull was the pioneering agriculturist who invented the seed drill.

Sister Sledge sang He's The Greatest Dancer.

Jethro Tull - Said She Was A Dancer

7. Maureen's below-the-belt punch is a knock out at 8.30 on a Saturday morning.

Maureen, shortened, is Mo.

A below the belt punch would be Lo.

A knock-out is a K-O.

8.30 on Saturday morning is when yesterday's post went live.

Moloko - The Time Is Now

6. Rod dates a feminist... and they both refuse to get undressed.

Imagine if Rod Stewart & Germaine Greer went on a date. I doubt either of them would take their clothes off.

Jermaine Stewart - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off

5. Arse / Elbow confusion for Destiny's Child's Perfect Cousin.

Kelly Rowland was in Destiny's Child.

My Perfect Cousin was Kevin.

If your confuse your arse with your elbow, you might not know your bottom half from your top.

Kevin Rowland - I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top

4. Is there life here? (Sorry, hang on a second...) IS THERE LIFE HERE!?! 

Is there life on Mars? Do I need to repeat that, louder?

M/A/R/R/S - Pump Up The Volume

3. Where the wildcatters found oil... devilish women buy the drinks.

Wildcatters looked for oil anywhere, but cats are Kitties and oil comes from wells.

Honky tonks are bars.

If god didn't make the angels, chances are the devil did.

Kitty Wells - It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels

2. Oh My Dog! B-29.

If Oh My God is OMG in today's parlance, Oh My Dog would be OMD.

B-29 was the first Boeing Superfortress bomber to drop an atomic bomb. The plane was named Enola Gay after the pilot's mother.

OMD - Enola Gay

1. Supermarket delivery for Hazel.

A supermarket delivery might come in a van from Morrison's.

Hazel is another name for brown eyes.

Isn't it reassuring than Van Morrison even looked like a Grumpy Old Man when he was a baby?

I'm A Believer you'll be back for more next Saturday...

Saturday 23 February 2019

Saturday Snapshots #72

Here I am a million miles from home. The Indiana wind and rain cut through me. I'm lost and alone. Chilled to the bone. But I'll always have Saturday Snapshots to keep me warm.

Identify ten top tunes and their performing artistes from the clues below, please... or I'll lock you in a Hutch.

Don't give up on us... baby.

10. King Midas's stooge sounds like the bloke up above.

9. Sly Lincoln reveals what you have to do (to get the answer to this clue).

8. Pioneering agriculturist mishears Sister Sledge's greatest tune.

7. Maureen's below-the-belt punch is a knock out at 8.30 on a Saturday morning.

6. Rod dates a feminist... and they both refuse to get undressed.

5. Arse / Elbow confusion for Destiny's Child's Perfect Cousin.

4. Is there life here? (Sorry, hang on a second...) IS THERE LIFE HERE!?! 

3. Where the wildcatters found oil... devilish women buy the drinks.

2. Oh My Dog! B-29.

1. Supermarket delivery for Hazel.

Let's have a quiet night in... so we can get up nice and early on Sunday for the answers.

Friday 22 February 2019

The United Kingdom of Song #20: Liverpool

I went to Liverpool yesterday for the first time in my life.

As it's unlikely I'll be going back anytime soon, I thought I'd feature it here today. There are, of course, far too many popular musicians who hail from the city to mention them all here. Suffice it to say that I was slightly disappointed that I didn't see any of them during my brief visit. I'd at least have expected to bump into Sir Thumbs Aloft, gurning at me from the top of the Liver building. Next time, I guess I'll have to go to the Mull of Kintyre.

There are also far too many songs that reference Liverpool in their lyrics to ever name them all here. At least I managed to get in and out of the city without once hearing Ferry Across The Mersey. I decided to restrict myself today to just songs in my collection that feature Liverpool in the title.

Curiously, two of the best ones are by American recording artists who probably only know the city because it's where dem Beatles come from. Dey doo dough, don't dey dough?

Suzanne Vega - In Liverpool

The Bangles - Going Down To Liverpool

The next two Liverpool I found were via Wales and Ireland... both near enough, I guess, but no proper Scousers...

Manic Street Preachers - Liverpool Revisited

The Pogues - The Leaving of Liverpool

All of which leaves me with just two Liverpool songs by actual Liverpool artists... and fortunately, neither of them is by a Beatle. So let's have them both today...

Sad to say that I don't have that Little Jimmy Osmond song in my collection. I know, shame.

Thursday 21 February 2019

Radio Songs #55: Shampoo (The Ghost - Epilogue)

A couple of weeks back, Lynchie asked if we'd ever got anyone in to investigate our radio station ghost. An exorcist? A paranormal investigator? A ghostbuster?

Not officially.

But there was Shampoo.

I've changed Shampoo's name slightly, but it sounded pretty similar. That wasn't his real name, of course. His real name was Barry or Trevor or Gordon, something very down-to-earth and ordinary. Shampoo was his psychic name.

Around this time, the presenter on the phone-in show (who was all-out crazy in ways I won't even go into) was looking for ways to boost listening and get more callers. When she invited a local medium in, I was extremely cynical... but credit where credit is due, Shampoo did get people calling. There are a lot of gullible people out there, especially the lonely ones listening to late night radio shows.

Shampoo traded in speaking to the spirit world. He wasn't as extreme as some of the charlatans out there - most of his otherworldly conversations were pretty vague, to be honest, but the people who called in often seemed soothed or reassured by his gentle, non-specific "clairvoyancy".

From the moment I met him, I thought Shampoo was a fraud, and I made my feelings quite clear. When he spoke about seeing people's auras, I jumped in and offered, "I bet when you look at mine it's pitch black, isn't it?" Shampoo just smiled. A wise and extremely patronising response, but we both knew where we stood. He only came in once a month, but after the first couple of times I made sure it was on nights I wasn't working. That was better for both of us.

It didn't take long before someone mentioned the ghost to Shampoo, and of course he claimed to be able to sense something... something... something... It never went much further than that. By this time, the spooky events had died down anyway, so even if Shampoo had been a bona fide medium, all he'd have got would be echoes. Or perhaps Shampoo's arrival was the final straw for our old friend Sidney.  I wouldn't have blamed that ghost if he took one look at Shampoo and thought, "to hell with this place - I've had my fun, but it's time to move on..."

There was only one song I could play today...

Wednesday 20 February 2019

My Top Ten Songs Everybody Knows

Ten songs everybody knows. You might not know them all.

Everybody knows that Sonia is not in this list...

10. The Dixie Chicks - Everybody Knows

New Dixie Chicks album out soon. I hope they stick it to Trump the same way they stuck it to Bush.

9. Echo & The Bunnymen - Everybody Knows

Late period Bunnymen, but still worth a listen.

8. The Pearlfishers - Everybody Knows It's A Dream

Like Prefab Sprout? You'll like the Pearlfishers too. Everybody should know this.

7. Janis Ian - Everybody Knows

Everybody knows loneliness sucks.

6. Mighty Mighty - Everybody Knows The Monkey

 A Smithsy jangle from C86.

5. Neil Young - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Timeless Neil.

4. James - Everybody Knows

From back when James could do no wrong.

3. Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows

One of those songs that could be applied to many, many situations over the years. Let's apply it to Brexit today, shall we?

Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died
Everybody talking to their pockets
Everybody wants a box of chocolates
And a long-stem rose
Everybody knows

2. The Divine Comedy - Everybody Knows

Neil Hannon is so smitten that he's boring everybody to death with his lustful obsession. Brilliant.

I told all of my friends
Again and again and again
I drove them round the bend
So now you’re my only friend
I told the passers by
I made a small boy cry
And I’ll get through to you
If it’s the last thing that I do

1. Gary Portnoy - Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Cheers was my favourite sitcom growing up. Its theme song, written by Gary Portnoy & Judy Hart Angelo still brings back warm memories from its first piano notes. Certain sitcoms succeed by fostering a mythical community everyone wants to be a part of: reminiscent yet far superior to our real life friendships. Cheers, for me, is the ultimate example of that and even its theme song contributes to the myth.

Everybody knows I missed some out. Which would you have included?

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Hot 100 #51

Being an old X-Files junkie (I even have Fox Mulder's "I Want To Believe" poster on the wall in my office), I've always had a fascination with the "secret" air force base in the Nevada desert where strange things happen involving crashed alien spaceships, experimental aircraft using salvaged alien technology and autopsies of alien corpses. [Redacted by the U.S. government.)

Let's start this week with a couple of tunes that escaped from Area 51. Curiously, both are instrumentals. Perhaps their lyrics were redacted too?

The Chartlatans - Area 51

The Typhoons - Area 51

Oh, and one more that appears to fit the same pattern...

Tangerine Dream - Landing On 51

Back in the real world, and onto your suggestions, the most obvious of which this week was suggested - not by The Swede - but by Martin...
Highway 51 Blues, by Bob Dylan which, in its guitar motif at least, seems to owe a debt to the Everly Brothers.
Not a Dylan original that, it was written by Curtis Jones. Personally, I always get it mixed up with Highway 61 Revisited... too many numbered highways in the Dylan canon.

Martin also offered the following, helpfully including links to make my life easier...
51-7 by Camper van Beethoven is pretty fair.

The atypical I Move On by Cowboy Junkies contains the line "51 years, a child upon the Earth, trying to find the answers without digging in the dirt..."

12:51 by The Strokes sounds exactly how you'd expect (no bad thing).

...and one more...

Koka Kola by The Clash starts with the line "In the gleaming corridors of the 51st floor..."
Lynchie, meanwhile, claims to have been eagerly awaiting number 51 in this countdown so that he could suggest this...
Vern Gosdin (Vern The Voice) - "Set 'Em Up Joe"

They got a vintage Victrola 1951
Full of my favorite records that I grew up on
They got ole Hank and Lefty and there's B24
Set 'em up Joe and play "Walking The Floor"
Set 'em up Joe and play "Walking The Floor"
I'll definitely save that for when I do my second volume of jukebox songs.

Rigid Digit went trippy this week...
Pink Floyd re-recorded Careful With That Axe, Eugene for the film Zabriskie Point and gave it the new title of:

Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up
Which is all very well, but Careful With That Axe, Eugene is a far better title.

Forgoing Dylan this week, The Swede offered these two...
Super Furry Animals - Hit & Run

'Will the dinosaurs come back and haunt us? I've a bet down fifty-to-one...'

Steve Gunn & the Black Twig Pickers - Cardinal 51
Black Twig Pickers gets an extra point.

Then Swiss Adam suggested one of the ones from my own shortlist...
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - 51st Anniversary ("Purple Haze B-side no less.")
Now, before we get onto this week's winner, here are a few more from my own archives...

The Descendents - Orgo 51

Pelle Carlberg - 51, 3

And this week's runner-up...

Aimee Mann - High On Sunday 51

But it seemed clear we had to deal with Little Britain this week, or the 51st State of the United States as we've often cruelly been dubbed due to the "special relationship" which isn't really that special anymore. A number of songwriters have commented on this, including...

New Model Army - 51st State (as suggested by Charity Chic & Alyson)

The Enemy - 51st State

And, of course, these guys, this week's unanimous winners thanks to block-voting, hanging chads and Russian facebook interference from Charity Chic, C (obviously!), Lynchie and others...

Next week: we're halfway there! Numero cinquanta! Your suggestions are welcome as always. No need to be coy, Roy...

Monday 18 February 2019

2018 Latecomers: Spend Monday In The Bahamas

I almost didn't have a post today. I realise that's hardly the end of the world, and I've let days gone by without posts before, but this time was different. Because I had posts... only other people had already written then.

Originally I'd planned on doing a Grumpy Old Men / 2019 Contenders post about the new Specials album, but Rigid Digit and  John Medd said pretty much everything I have to say about that at the moment (for the record, my opinion falls somewhere in between theirs - RD seems to like it a lot, while John Medd questions whether it's actually The Specials at all, more a reformed Funboy 3 who realised the name of their earlier band would make more headlines).All I can add to that is that while I enjoyed the record, I did feel there were times that it came across as a Guardian journalist's wet dream. The tracklist runs like a checklist of society's ills and sometimes the message seems more important than the music. I don't object to any of the songs on their own, but crammed together on one disc it does feel a bit like being lectured by a 6th former at times. Maybe it's the grumpy old man in me... that's probably why I like this track best of all.

The Specials - Embarrassed By You

Bloody kids, eh?

With that idea abandoned, I thought about featuring another Long Song as last Monday morning... until I realised (I had to check!) that Drew had already featured both of them. (I'd already written one of them, but I'll spare you... go read Drew's instead.)

Paddy McAloon - I Trawl The Megahertz

Isaac Hayes - By The Time I Get To Phoenix

All of which led me to the Bahamas, a late musical discovery from 2018 that may have troubled my end of year countdown if I'd heard it sooner.

Canadian musician Afie Jurvanen, aka Bahamas, has been making records since 2009, but his fourth album, Earthtones, is the first one to be picked up on my radar. He obviously listened to a lot of Prince as a kid but also has a cheerfully tongue-in-cheek approach to his lyrics, reminiscent of John Grant or Father John Misty without the egomaniacal side. Hopefully it'll brighten up your Monday morning (what's left of it)...

Sunday 17 February 2019

Saturday Snapshots #71 - The Answers

When it comes to Saturday Snapshots, you guys Don't Stop Till You Get Enough. And you didn't do Bad yesterday at all. It's good to know You Are Not Alone when you're playing this game, particularly this week as Alyson & Lynchie fought it out for top spot (I think Lynchie just clinched it), leaving Charity Chic, Walter, Chris and Rigid Digit to hoover up the leftovers. Thanks for playing, guys.

10. C'mon everybody - we've got 57 varieties!

Heinz have 57 Varieties.

Eddie Cochran sang C'mon Everybody.

Heinz - Just Like Eddie

9. Prima & Bella take you off the guest list.

Primadonna & Belladonna...

The Donnas - Who Invited You?

8. Electric offspring can't breathe underwater.

Son Volt - Drown

7. For a long time before you die, there'll be feedback and grease monkeys.

Feedback comes from a mic.

Grease monkeys are mechanics.

Before you die, you have the living years.

Mike & The Mechanics - The Living Years

Something in my eye, sorry.

6. What flour is to bread and cocoa is to chocolate... nah, I'm just mucking about. Aren't we all?

Flour is the main ingredient in bread. Cocoa is the main ingredient in chocolate.

The Main Ingredient - Everybody Plays The Fool

5. Talking Heads Mr. poised right behind you.

Talking Heads sang about Mr. Jones.

If you have poise, you have grace.

Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper

4. Respect for sad priest.

Deacon Blue - Dignity

I love Ricky Ross, but man, he's a bad dancer.

3. E Streeter goes on provincial tour, counting down his last days.

Steve Van Zandt is a prominent member of the E Street Band.

Towns are provincial.

Townes Van Zandt - Waiting Around To Die

2. Offshore wind farms draped in Union Jacks.

British Sea Power - Waving Flags

1. Snarly rhinos before two.

Snarly rhinos is an anagram.

Now Beat It... at least until next Saturday morning at 8.30. Remember The Time. 

Saturday 16 February 2019

Saturday Snapshots #71

Rah rah... ah-ah-ah!
Ro mah... ro-mah-mah
Gaga... oh-la-la!
Want your Saturday Snapshots?

Course you do. Put on your Poker Face, because it's time to identify ten top tunes and their performers from the clues below...

10. C'mon everybody - we've got 57 varieties!

9. Prima & Bella take you off the guest list.

8. Electric offspring can't breathe underwater.

7. For a long time before you die, there'll be feedback and grease monkeys.

6. What flour is to bread and cocoa is to chocolate... nah, I'm just mucking about. Aren't we all?

5. Talking Heads Mr. poised right behind you.

4. Respect for sad priest.

3. E Streeter goes on provincial tour, counting down his last days.

2. Offshore wind farms draped in Union Jacks.

1. Snarly rhinos before two.

Stop telephoning me... the answers will be here tomorrow morning!

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