Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Randy Tuesdays #6: Why Don't You Cut Your Hair?

6. The Monkees - Alternative Title (Randy Scouse Git) 

As has been previously established by Kenny Wednesdays, I can also feature songs with Randy in the title in this feature. So you may have been expecting this one... except that, of course, it wasn't called Randy Scouse Git on the radio as the record company thought the title might lose the song airplay in the UK. The irony being, of course, that Micky Dolenz stole the title from Alf Garnett in Til' Death Us Do Part, so British audiences were well used to hearing it.

I do like a bit of timpani...


  1. Seems frivolous somehow to be commenting on this kind of thing today but life must go on otherwise what indeed, is it all about?

    As for this Randy, no, not one I would ever have come up with although I know the song well. Love the backdrop, love that he is playing those timpani in a poncho, love that "little" Davy Jones is on drums and love that the Scouse Git became father-in-law to a Prime Minister. Oh also love the song - Is it just me or does the piano intro sound as if they are leading into Right Said Fred?

    1. Can't quite hear that myself, though it's in a similar cheeky-comic vein.

      As I've commented elsewhere, I refuse to let a tragedy caused by idiots stop me living my life and doing what I do... otherwise, they've won.

      At risk of repeating myself... Last night's target was chosen because it involved people enjoyed a high profile pop star. It was an attack on our culture just as much as it was on our country. Music unites us in a way politicians and ideologies never will. If we shy away from continuing to celebrate that, we're letting evil win.

    2. Well said and I agree wholeheartedly - Here's the thing though, a couple of DD's younger friends had travelled all the way down to Manchester from the Highlands for this concert and the last thing I saw before going to sleep last night was their post on Facebook about being in the arena - They were just so excited. Imagine my horror at hearing the news this morning. Fortunately we found out quite early on that they are both safe but this one just feels awfully close to home. My heart goes out to everyone who has suffered but as you say, important to carry on enjoying all that this great country has to offer and not let them win.

    3. Absolutely. I can't imagine what those parents are going through.

  2. A fine Randy that had not popped into my head when you began this series. Well done. Tough times, but hold those heads up, everyone.

  3. Your comment in reply to Alyson is on the nose Rol, well said.

  4. I said my piece about Manchester over at my own place and echo your thoughts on it.

    Just wanted to add that Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine do a fine cover of this...



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