Tuesday, 4 July 2017

NEW ENTRY: The Indelicate Truth About Top Of The Pops

I know, I will go away soon, I promise. First though, I did mention that I was dropping the monthly top ten of what I'm listening to at the moment... but also that I'd come up with an idea of what to replace it with when I just wanted to write about something new. In keeping with this blog's ever-shackling Top Ten theme then, I'll now just title posts about new stuff as NEW ENTRY, and old stuff as RE-ENTRY (I haven't yet decided what to do with old stuff that's new to me). At least that way I won't have to do 10 of them a month (now I can do 15 if I want!). Anyway, there seems no more appropriate song to kick off with than this...


The Indelicates remain my favourite band of the 21st Century. They are responsible for the most exciting single of the millennium so far (We Hate The Kids) and a series of albums that are always surprising, witty, literate and fun. They embrace a wide range of musical styles, from guitar pop to glam, embracing Brelian theatrical pomp and Jerry Lee Lewis piano. They're not afraid to admit to loving Jim Steinman. They're also indie in its most pure sense, having proudly resisted any kind of record deal since 2009, setting up their own label (Corporate Records) to promote their work and that of like-minded souls. They won't suck up to the music press (30 years ago, the NME would have been all over this band: the fact that they ignore them now is testament to what the NME has become) or radio (I'm always amazed that Lamacq doesn't support them). They are a cottage industry who rely on a loyal fanbase and word of mouth from the blogosphere to get their music heard... and I'm happy to play my (miniscule) part in helping promote their new record, Juniverbrechter. Because it's a record we need now more than any other.

I'll let Simon & Julia Indelicate explain why...

Lords and commons of England! Consider what nation it is whereof ye are!

It is one year since Brexit, half a year since Trump, stirrings abound - but the horrors persist and worsen!


Cruel and Ugly! Mr Punch in the boiler room! Savile in a postcard! There's something wrong with Top Of The Pops. They cry hoorah for Daniel! Everything's so lovely by the sea! The bins have not been taken! 

We present this banishing ritual, to drive the demons from England!

Nous présentons ce hurlement en marge!
Unsere Damen, Herren und alle anderen! Wir präsentieren: JUNIVERBRECHER!

To find out more, visit The Indelicates website. Every time somebody clicks that link, an elitist scumbag loses their seat. (It might not be a parliamentary seat, it might just be a deck chair, rocking chair or chaise lounge. But every little helps.)


  1. Yes I'm surprised that Lammo the Laminator hasn't picked up on this lot, given that he's a massive Carter USM fan and 'We Hate the Kids' has a definite Carteresque ring to it. There's no way that anyone on the BBC would be allowed to play 'TOTP' though, unless some serious lyrical editing was involved!

    1. The Carter comparison is a good one, and I seem to recall that Simon & Julia were fans. Carter had the same attitude, not letting fears over zero airplay prevent them from releasing a song if they thought the message was strong enough.


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