Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The Hot 100 Countdown #100

OK, so I decided this kind of long term commitment might be fun. (Or I'll get bored of it after 3 weeks. Let's see.)

I'm going to countdown from 100 and every week I will choose my favourite song with that week's number in the title... or if not in the title, then prominently featured in the lyrics.

No restrictions to whole numbers, so decimals will be allowed... meaning I can choose 76.5 trombones if I want. 

Preference will be given to songs with the number in the title... unless there's a really good one with it in the lyrics only.

Years will be allowed as a last resort, but better if they're abbreviated. (i.e. '72 is better than 1972.)

Points awarded to anyone who can guess what my next choice will be. You can suggest as many songs as you want, but only select ONE as your official guess. If you don't do that, I'll take your first answer.

Ironically, though there are probably hundreds of songs with 100 (or a hundred) in my music library, there aren't many stand-out classics. I considered The Byrds, The Stones, Elvis, Generation X, Nancy Sinatra, Sonic Youth, Sheryl Crow and Nosferatu D2 (among others). But in the end, I had to settle for this...

100. The Handsome Family - The Song of a Hundred Toads

Anyone who's seen the Leonard DiCaprio movie The Revenant (otherwise known as Leo's Very Bad Day... or Leo Wants An Oscar) might recognise certain aspects of the plot of this fabulous Handsome Family tune. Except Brett & Rennie Sparks are far more cheering than anything Leo had to offer...

I think it's fair to say 99 will be a lot easier to guess... but perhaps not the really obvious choice. We'll see. Place your bets now.


  1. So not 99 Red Balloons next then? 99 Problems, by Jay-Z? Probably not 1999 by Prince, because the year is there is full. So how about September 99 by Earth, Wind and Fire?

  2. The Handsome Family are a terrific way to start what will undoubtably be a very interesting journey.
    'Other 99' by Big Audio Dynamite, '99% Of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd' by HMHB, 'Johnny 99' by Springsteen or 'EFS No.99' by Can next?

    1. Excellent HMHB call. Gets my vote, not that this is an election.

  3. Those luftballons are the obvious choice for me but other than that, 99.9 F by Suzanne Vega.

    Good luck with the long-term commitment - Will take 2 years and if I'm still here I will be coming up to a very big birthday which is a scary thought (but so will TS!).

  4. 99 Ways To Die - Megadeth
    Jonny 99 - Bruce Springsteen

    "Every man should have a quest"

  5. I love how you guys can go from Jay-Z to Nena to HMHB to Megadeth. You're my type of people!


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