Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Hot 100 Countdown #87

Not many takers for Number 87 on my countdown... in fact only Rigid Digit dared make any suggestions...

David Bowie - '87 and Cry

Is Never Let Me Down Bowie's worst album? It certainly hasn't aged very well. Still, this was in consideration for a little while.

Bouncing Souls - 87

Never heard this one before, but I wouldn't turn it off if it came on the wireless.

Hank Williams III - 87 Southbound

This was also briefly in contention as it does live in the deepest southern reaches of my record collection.

Other possibilities...

Hayes Carll - Highway 87

Hayes passes Hank going in the opposite direction.

Fred Thomas - Expo '87

I get so hung up high on expectations
I get so sick at restaurants and on family vacations
And I leave every situation invariably feeling dumb
But you’ve got to be a little bit dumb
Otherwise you never get anything done
And you’ve gotta be kinda hit
Otherwise you spend your time smiling entirely too much
Wincing while you’re waiting
For that next soft punch

Ah, Fred... you can't half put your finger on it.

But after listening to every 87 song in my collection, I had to crown this one the winner. From Canadian indie-folksters, The Rural Alberta Advantage, the song creates a love story amidst an infamous 1987 tornado that tore through Edmonton in Alberta.

Be warned: the video is seriously creepy!

Next... 86? Could offer some interesting contenders...


  1. The original of 87 Southbound was by Wayne Hancock from the excellent album That's What Daddy Wants.
    I should have got that one

  2. 86 by Green Day

    But better: 86 TVs by I Am Kloot

    Or anything from C86... ;)

  3. I'm all for anything by a band called I Am Kloot but again, having taken to the bookshelves, there is something out there called 86'd by Subcircus. Not entirely sure what it's all about but pretty sure "86" is an American slang term meaning to throw out, or get rid of something (I hope).

    1. I Am Kloot...very good indeed. Example

    2. Thanks Martin - Very good indeed as you say.

  4. Green Day was the only card I was holding.
    Oh well, back to my lonely corner


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