Sunday, 18 August 2019

Saturday Snapshots #97 - The Answers

Clue #7 this week features the gentleman above. His name isn't Jeremy, though unlike some of his contemporaries, he is still Alive. He's a Better Man than most, but even he struggled with some of this week's answers...

Well done to Rigid Digit for a clear victory this week.

10. Adele, formerly Hart, gets mixed up with a flex.

"Adele, formerly Hart" is an anagram.

So is a flex.

Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F

Obliterated by the Crazy Frog.

9. Future Queen grinds teeth over basic make-up.

Future Queen is Kate. Nashing her teeth over her make-up.

Kate Nash - Foundations

8. Ghost found in cuddly toys - the answer was written on a gravestone.

There's a Spector in the Teddy Bears (Phil).

As Lynchie points out, apparently the title came from his father's gravestone.

The Teddy Bears - To Know Him Is To Love Him

7. Oyster sauce? Not dead.

Pearl Jam - Alive

6. Astaire finds matrimony - but still keeps dancing, despite his age.

Fred in Wedlock?

Fred Wedlock - The Oldest Swinger In Town

What does it say about Charity Chic that he was first out of the traps with this one?

5. Soaring temperatures lead to late jive.

Heatwave - Boogie Nights

4. Don't buy a puppy from these lads - it's against the law!

Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin

3. Rely on the endless highway, without Romeo.

Rely - R(omeo) = Ely.

Joe Ely - The Road Goes On Forever

Been listening to a fair bit of Joe Ely lately, so I have to admit I'd forgotten the Robert Earl Keen version.

2. Without punch, short Tanzanian ukulele won't go home till sunrise.

Judy, without Punch.

TZ + Uke.

Judy Tzuke - Stay With Me Till Dawn

1. Mo Farah is a hack, man.

Mo Farah is an Olympian.

Gene is a Hackman.

This is still gorgeous...

Don't get in a Black mood. Saturday Snapshots will Come Back next week...


  1. What can I say?
    Guilty as charged

  2. I had a chuckle while hearing the Fred Wedlock song. Stay With Me Till Dawn is beautiful

  3. Well done to Rigid Digit on his stunning victory!

    I think I'd have done better if I hadn't turned up an hour after everyone else...

  4. A combination of luck, recognition and getting woken up early by the dogs helped.
    Funny thing the human brain - you wouldn't think an image of Harold Faltermeyer is burned into it. But at 9:00 Saturday Morning, there it was - a vision from a 1985 copy of Smash Hits


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