Sunday, 13 June 2021

Snapshots #193: A Top Ten Ghost Story Songs

Yesterday's title photo featured Michael Keaton, who played The Ghost With The Most, Beetlejuice.

Today it's the turn of Bruce Willis who... well, spoilers, obviously. Although much as I like The Sixth Sense (and most M. Knight Shyamalan movies), that was one twist I spotted very early on. Which was a bit of a disappointment.

Still, here we go... a bit tougher than usual, though you cracked the link eventually.


10. Elton Johny???

An irresistible anagram that.

John Leyton - Johnny, Remember Me

When the mist's a-rising
And the rain is falling
And the wind is blowing cold across the moor
I hear the voice of my darlin'
The girl I loved and lost a year ago

9. It's life, Superman, but not as we know it.

I may have used the combination of James T. (Jim) Kirk and Christopher 'Superman' Reeves before. After 193 of these things, a repeated clue every now and then is unavoidable...

Jim Reeves - Old Tige

A ghost dog!

8. Divine caramel.

Godly and Crème caramel.

Godley & Creme - Under Your Thumb

Then she rose up out of nowhere
and her hair was full of steam
and she stuck her head out the window
and screamed and screamed, she screamed!

7. Drinking average fortified wine is the norm.

The convention is for a fair port.

It appears these guys know quite a few ghost stories, but the one I chose was...

Fairport Convention - She Moves Through The Fair

I dreamt it last night
That my dead love came in
So softly she moved
That her feet made no din
Then she came close beside me
And this she did say
"It will not be long love
Till our wedding day"

6. A bow tie for Hazlewood.

A dicky bow for Lee Hazlewood?

Dicky Lee - Laurie (Strange Things Happen)

He did also do a version of Tell Laura I Love Her... but it's not as spine-tingling as the tune above! Wait for the twist, if you've never heard it before...

5. Potter, the man in...

Harry Potter, the chap in...

Harry Chapin - Corey's Coming

That's my favourite ghost story on this list.

4. Sounds like Smith & McLennan might be behind the JFK assassination.

Will Smith & Grant McLennan... it's a Will and Grant conspiracy!

The Willard Grant Conspiracy - The Ghost of the Girl in the Well

I did also consider The Beautiful South - Woman In The Wall, but they've featured here a lot lately.

3. Who's this? Ask Beth U.

A simple enough anagram and a photo of one of Kate's first pub performances.

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights

Heathcliff, it's me, I'm Cathy
I've come home, I'm so cold
Let me in your window
Heathcliff, it's me, I'm Cathy
I've come home, I'm so cold
Let me in your window

Although we could have also had...

Kate Bush - Hammer Horror

Who calls me from the other side
Of the street?
And who taps me on the shoulder?
I turn around, but you're gone

2. Where Peter Gabriel gets his Merlot.

From a Red (So) Vine, of course!

Red Sovine - Phantom 309

(Also covered by Tom Waits.)

And that was the track which inspired this...

1. Stingy award for this bloke.

"Stingy award" was an anagram for...

Stan Ridgway - Camouflage

Until next week... don't have nightmares, do sleep well.


  1. Nice change in format - No-one was holding back as it took ages to work it out.

    As for the Sixth Sense, indeed, I kept waiting for the “twist” as it’s fairly obvious what’s going on from the start.

  2. Thanks Rol - yes, as Alyson says, this change worked well, as did the teamwork!


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