Monday, 17 December 2012

My Top Ten "She's Got..." Songs

Ten songs about things she's got. Not sure who she is, but she's obviously a damn fine (and extremely complex) woman if she's got all ten...

10. Gary Numan - She's Got Claws

This was released in 1981.

It could only have been released in 1981.

9. Fountains of Wayne - She's Got A Problem

Keep an eye on her, lads, in case she does summat dumb.

8. Little Richard - She's Got It

Because if Little Richard says she has, she must have.

7. Super Furry Animals - She's Got Spies

Not like the KGB, CIA or MI6 though. It's just a game they play.

She's Got Spies by Super Furry Animals on Grooveshark

6. Cosmo Jarvis - She's Got You (Wrapped Round Her Little Finger)

If I didn't like this song anyway (come on - it's Cosmo!), I'd be won over by the video which begins with a long debate between Cosmo and his mate about Star Wars, Star Trek and The Hulk.

5. The Offspring - She's Got Issues

Don't we all?

The video stars Zooey Deschanel in the (well-cast) title role... and Gary Busey as the lead singer of The Offspring. (I think.)

4. Billy Bragg - She's Got A New Spell

The video shows why Billy now holds a guitar at all times while on stage.

One minute she says
She's gone to get the cat in
The next thing I know
She's mumbling in Latin

3. ZZ Top - (She Got) Legs

And, apparently, she knows how to use them.

2. Dexys - She Got A Wiggle

No longer running at midnight, Kevin Rowland returned earlier this year with his long-awaited comeback album... only 27 years after the last one. And damn it if it wasn't a stone cold classic.

1. Billy Joel - She's Got A Way

Back in the early 70s, fame seemed a distant dream for the young, ex-boxer Billy Joel. When he finally managed to land a record deal, the producer mastered the recordings at the wrong speed. John Peel would have been proud. Years later, that ill-fated debut album, Cold Spring Harbour, was re-released at the correct speed... and revealed some truly gorgeous songs. This is one of the best.

As I've said before, and I'll say again: if you don't like Billy Joel... you don't like music.

They're all the thing's she got. But which one gets you going?


  1. No Half Man half Biscuit? She's Got Dickie Davies Eyes...

    1. Good call. We've had a lot of HMHB round here lately, but that's a classic.

  2. Perfect Skin. I'd have ZZ top at number 1 too. Love that. Great for singing in your head whist walking. Gives you a sexy strut!

    1. Damn it! How did I forget Perfect Skin? THAT should have been Number One!

  3. Can't think of any more. Been put off whilst following Kelloggs Ville to the shops.

    1. Hopefully, she's got mace - and knows how to use it.


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