Sunday, 5 February 2017

February #9 - Teenagers Kick Our Butts!

9. Dar Williams - Teenagers Kick Our Butts

Dar Dar Dar, as Trio once sang. No, I don't think the German band (part of the New German Cheerfulness wave, apparently) were singing about Dar Williams back in 1982. She'd have only been 15 then. A teenager... I wonder whose butt she was kicking?

I've been working my way slowly through the Dar Williams back catalogue; as she's such an amazing songwriter, I don't want to rush it. Currently listening to her 1997 album End Of Summer which features lots of great tunes I could post here, though my favourite is probably this one, which I'll play for anyone with teenage children... or anyone who has teenagers in their class, and struggles to understand where they're coming from.
When I grew up, well it felt great
I watched how others took their fate
Some felt afraid and undefended, so they got mean
And they pretended what they knew made them belong more than you.
I'm sure you know there's lots to learn
But that's not your fault, that's just your turn, yeah, yeah
It's a song about growing older and forgetting what it's like to be an adolescent. And remembering that our future is in their hands. Let's face it: very few of them would have voted for Brexit or Trump...
And when the media tries to act your age
Don't be seduced, they're full of rage
Find your voice, do what it takes
Make sure you make lots of mistakes
And find the future that redeems
Give us hell, give us dreams
And grow and grow and grow

And someday when some teenagers come to kick your butts
Well then like I do try to
Kick our butts!
Kick our butts!
Oh I love
Kick our butts!


  1. I read a troubling statistic the other day - 89% of discretionary income (i.e. what's left after necessities come off) is held by people who were born before 1964. Most of decision-making is also done by people who were born before 1964. Hmm...

    Life has changed so much in a generation I think all decisions should now be made by people who were born after 1977 as it's going to be their world for a good while yet and the one we're leaving them is not in great shape! Just my opinion of course but like the sound of these lyrics and made me think (or have I got it all wrong - da da da).

    1. I think you're right. My partner works in pensions and she has a lot to say about the "baby boomer" generation who have benefited a lot more from the welfare state than younger generations do today and have largely retired on good pensions that today's teenagers will struggle to match even if they start saving now.

      It seems when Harold MacMillan told people in 1957 "you've never had it so good", he might well have added, "and no one else will again!"

  2. I hear what you say about lyrics
    Great ones by Steve Earle, Hank Williams, HMHB,Elvis Costollo spring to mind
    However one of my favourite songs remains (White Man in) Hammersmith Palais and no matter how many times I hear it I can never get all the lyrics!

    1. All top lyrical writers, in my humble opinion... Although I'm not sure I would know all the words to White Man either. I must go and give it some attention.


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