Sunday, 12 February 2017

February #6: Power Pop Emergency? Who You Gonna Call?

I've been meaning to feature some Robbie Fulks here ever since Charity Chic recommended him last year. I bought his Very Best Of collection on emusic soon after and found him to be right up my street: witty, intelligent, story-telling country rock that makes me smile and tap my feet and sing along. I was just about ready to post one of my favourites, Roots Rock Weirdoes, when my old friend Sally pointed me towards a Fulks track I'd not heard before...

6. Robbie Fulks - Fountains of Wayne Hotline

Now, as has been established here many times before, I'm a huge Fountains of Wayne fan. I'm still mourning their demise and secretly praying for a ressurection. They made witty, intelligent, story-telling power pop records that made me smile and tap my feet and sing along... and it's obvious that Fulks is a fan too... even if he appears to have worked out their formula.

Prepare yourself for the greatest Fountains of Wayne tribute / piss-take you'll ever hear...

(This one's for the REAL musos out there!)


  1. Parallel Bars his duet with Kelly Wills is a firm favourite of mine along with She Took a Lot of Bills and Died
    He's nominated for two Grammys in tonight's awards
    Here's hoping

    1. Yes, it'd be great for him to get that publicity.

  2. I like a song that throws a surprise or two and that one certainly did.Nice guitar work as well.
    I should read your other posts on this band, I've never heard of Fountains of Wayne until now.

    1. I feel I should apologise, Chris, if this is your introduction to FoW... it's like recommending a great magician by revealing how his best trick works.

      Still, if you're looking for a place to start, both their debut record and Welcome Interstate Managers are good introductions to the band.

  3. that's a very clever and entertaining tribute!


  4. I see what you mean! FoW by numbers- genius! Jez.


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