Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Kenny Wednesday #3 - Love, Shack

Nowhere in the rules does it state Kenny Wednesdays always have to involve a person called Kenny. Today, it's an area of Liverpool (L6) where the Quarrymen made their first recording.

Famous sons of "Kenny" include Ian McNabb; David Morrissey; Joe, Mark and Paul McGann; and the Head brothers, John and Michael, otherwise known as The Pale Fountains... and Shack. Which brings us to this little love letter to the Heads' hometown, from Shack's 1999 masterpiece, HMS Fable...

3. Shack - The Streets of Kenny


  1. Have always loved the Pale Fountains, but I didn't discover Shack until I started following blogs. I forget who should get the credit for that, but I owe a big thanks to somebody.

  2. Didn't see this one coming. Nice to hear it again.


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