Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Another Song For Trump

You may have notice that I'm doing things a little differently here now we're into the new year. I've abandoned the insane, OCD need to make every post part of a Top Ten / Top 90 / Top Infinity or whatever, and I'm just posting whatever I feel like. I don't know why I set myself these completely arbitrary rules to follow in the first place. That's not to say I won't be continuing with my Mid-Life Crisis, Radio and Neverending features (plus some of the other ones you probably think I've forgotten). I will. I'll just be doing whatever else I want at any given time too. Just in case you were wondering. (I know: you weren't.)

Anyway, way back in 2016 I joined the rest of the sane world in lamenting the election of that goon pictured above with My Top Ten Trump Victory Songs. I had hoped he might have been impeached by now, but as we stagger, beaten and broken, into 2018, he's still there, gurning at us like all our worst nightmares given human form whenever we turn on the news. What's that got to do with music? (Yes, this is still a music blog, despite what I said above. There will always be a song, or songs, connected to whatever I'm wittering about.) Well, firstly, I do hope you've all seen this...

The only sad thing about that is that the creator didn't carry on to have Trump tell us "there is water at the bottom of the ocean". Never mind.

However, the real reason for this post is this, a single from 1980 that I've never heard before, discovered on a Temptations compilation I picked up recently. Look at these lyrics - it's like Trump's manifesto, almost forty years before he came to POWER...

My hands are clean
My heart is so pure
The world is sick
I am the cure
I don't want no money, gold or gifts
Give me your minds and souls to lift
Put you faith and trust in me
I'll move your mountains
Part your sea
All you poor, all you needy
All you're doin' is givin' to the greedy
All you poor, all you needy
All you're doin' is givin' to the greedy
Get off your knees, believe in me
I'll set you free

Even more scary is this bit...

One thing I must make perfectly clear
Nuclear weapons, all men fear
Their hands sweat, their fingers itch
I'm the only one you can trust with the switch
Give it to me

Sleep well tonight.


  1. That Temptations tune is great, if a little terrifying.

  2. I hadn't seen the Talking Heads "cover" - genius from Swedemason!

  3. That Temptations song is just so good in so many ways, had never heard that before so many thanks.
    Whatever you do here is fine by me and variety is the spice etc. too.

  4. Glad you've come up with a plan to keep your mojo going Rol

  5. Thumbs up for your manifesto.

    I hope you're back to enjoying the blogging lark rather than finding it a chore. I'll certainly vouch for some fresh thinking about how to best approach things and to drop the OCD tendencies I was displaying.


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