Wednesday, 3 January 2018

My Top Ten Kitty Songs

I was jolted awake  at 5.55 on Christmas morning, not by Sam's excitement over Santa having visited, but by Louise saying, "there's someone downstairs playing Christmas music". With my heart pounding, I got out of bed and crept to the top of the stairs from where I could hear the sad refrain of Judy Garland wishing us a merry Christmas.

With visions of (at best) a burglar with a sick sense of humour or (at worst) a blood-drenched psychopath in a Santa costume, I ventured downstairs to discover...

The kitchen radio on at full blast.




Or hyperactive kitten standing on top of the on button?

As I've already done My Top Ten Kitten Songs, here are ten kitties...

10. Sparks - Here Kitty

Ron & Russell's kitten gets stuck up a juniper tree. Bloody thing.

9. Bee Gees - Kitty Can

From 1969, when the Bee Gees were more like The Monkees. You'll have to watch it to see what I mean.

8. Bobby Darin - Pretty Miss Kitty

The airbrushed side of rock 'n' roll. Still fun.

7. The Pogues - Kitty

The Pogues did Trad. Arr. folk tunes better than most.

6. Presidents of the USA - Kitty

The Presidents are well and truly hacked off with their kitten...
Kitty up and scratch me through my jeans
Fuck you, kitty you're gonna spend the night
Fuck you, kitty you're gonna spend the night
Fuck you, kitty you're gonna spend the night
5. Cat Stevens - Kitty

Cat plans on partying with his Kitty.

4. Racey - Kitty

Yes, Racey.

That'll put the kitten among the pigeons.

You may know this better as the Toni Basil version, Hey Mickey! You may also choose to deny knowledge of either. But I know when you're lying...

3. Laura Cantrell - Kitty Wells Dresses

Cred instantly restored (in some quarters, at least) with a lovely bit of pedal steel and one of John Peel's favourite country singers.

2. Darts - The Boy From New York City

Racey and Darts in the same top ten? I can still irk those musos when I want to.

Sing it after me:
Ooh ahh ooh ahh, cool, cool kitty...
1. Bruce Springsteen - Kitty's Back

Those of you who know about such things will hardly be surprised to find this early Bruce number holding off all challengers at Number One. I song I loved so much, I named the novel I wrote for my English degree (my excuse for a dissertation!) after it. My tutor was scathing... but I scraped at 2:1.

This live version from '78 is amazing...

Any kitties in your collection?


  1. What a darling little face your kitty has! She only turned the radio on because she was lonely and grew very tired of waiting for you guys to rouse yourselves!

    I'm afraid my only worthy kitty song has already been constributed under your Top Ten Kitten Songs ("Love Kitten" by Noreen Corcoran.)

    1. And a fine one it was too. Happy New Year, Marie.

    2. Thanks, Rol. (Of course, I meant contributed, not "constributed." ;-)

  2. Darts would've been my number one - awesome sound!

    1. I often forget how well Darts go down in certain circles.

  3. Looks like a cat burglar to me.
    (Very cute tho', awwwww!)

    1. I can't believe I didn't think of that pun...

  4. I would recommend hello kitty kat by the smashing pumpkins at least for honorable mention.

    1. Thanks, and welcome, Amaryllis. Good suggestion, one I hadn't heard before.

  5. He's back! Classic Rol. I didn't know that one from Bobby Darin, but I loved it.

    1. Thanks, Brian. You get to write my eulogy.


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