Monday, 22 January 2018

Tell Laura I Like Her A Lot

That young hipster friend'a mine (look, he's in his 20s, uses words like "dropped" to describe a new record being released, collects vinyl and mainlines spotify - NO CD PLAYER! - and he has a scruffy/trendy beard - he's a good guy, but he's a hipster) has introduced me to a few cracking records lately (and some less cracking ones my ears are too old and unhip to appreciate). One of the best is worth a click below...

Laura Stevenson used to be the keyboard player in the New York based "musical collective" (friggin' hipsters, can't even call a band a band) Bomb The Music Industry! (The exclamation mark is theirs, not mine.) More on them, and their lead singer / songwriter, Jeff Rosenstock very soon.

Meanwhile, Laura. This is power pop at its very best, and it's great to hear the young hipster people are still making records like this. Makes me feel a little less old for 2 and a half minutes...

Hear more at bandcamp.


  1. Laura seems conflicted. Some sort of identity crisis? I've never been comfortable with the term "power pop", so I'll just say to Laura that "Jellyfish" is a pretty good pop song and identity crises can happen at any age.


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