Monday, 29 January 2018

If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will

This week's recommendation from that young hipster friend'a mine is Canadian "punk rock"* band Pup.

(*The definition of "punk rock" obviously means quite different things to the youth of today than it did to the youth of 1977, but the anger and shouting remains... with a nice tongue-in-cheek edge on Pup's songs that grouchy old bastards like me will always appreciate.)

You may think this will be one of those songs that can't possibly live up to its ace title, yet incredibly: it does. The rest of the album (2016's The Dream Is Over, their second) is pretty cool too, although some of the songs do get a little TOO SHOUTY for middle-aged ears.

Oh, and apparently the song is really quite autobiographical, as the band hated being stuck in a van together while they slowly built their fanbase, one dingy dive at a time. But then, I'm sure most bands feel the same...


  1. I can only speak as the girlfriend of a guitarist who joined his anarcho-punk band on an mini-tour around the UK but.... absolutely!! There were so many arguments, everyone getting snippy and tired and feeling dirty and I have a resounding memory of the moment we were all (four band members, four girlfriends and a 'roadie'!) sitting in the motorway service station miles from home having to pool our money together to see if we had enough to buy a few buns between us. We didn't. It was so desperate, the vocalist - normally a perky witty bloke - actually cried.

  2. I, for one, would love to hear more of these stories, C...perhaps a new series for your place. If I can make a series out of my utterly uneventful life in radio, you should be able to tell us more being-the-gf-of-an-anarcho-punk-band tales!


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