Thursday, 1 October 2020

Stressed Post Thursday


When you don't have a Guest Post, go with a Stressed Post.

Here's Steve Mason, getting rather stressed when his musical heroes like John Lydon and Iggy Pop take the advertising dollar...

Johnny and The Idiot pissing on a dream

And obviously, I hate it when my favourite songs end up in TV commercials too. 

Then again, I used to work in advertising, and from time to time I would have to call up agents and publishers and try to get the rights to famous songs to use in radio ads. My biggest success was getting There's Nothing Like This by Omar into a campaign for a Kitchens & Bathrooms company. (Never managed to sell them a track by Kitchens of Distinction.) If I remember rightly, it was Omar's brother-in-law who was his agent, and Omar was more than happy to take the cash. 

I lost count of the number of idiots who asked me to get Simply The Best by Tina Turner for their fireplace showroom, used Honda dealership or honey glazed donut shop... even after Ricky Gervais took the piss out of that notion in The Office.

On the office wall where I used to work, I pinned a famous Bill Hicks quote, to remind me every day just what I was doing with my life...

But do you know what? I'd go back to that job in a heartbeat if it was still there. I didn't know how good I had it.

Am I stressed right now?

Here's Steve Mason...


  1. I'm so sorry to hear you're so stressed - what can I say, I just hope it eases for you, I really do.
    Re. advertising, I detest deeply so much about it, and yet I know that if I was offered loads of money to do one - provided the product wasn't something I vehemently disagreed with - I'd take the money and run. Principles, huh!
    Great song.

  2. A good play on words when there isn't a guest post available, but I really hope things are not as bad as they sound. I know I'm lucky in that whenever I've got to that stage in a job, I end up leaving, but not always possible. Take some time out if you can - I'm sure some nice doctor would oblige.

    As for the advertising industry, I doubt if Don Draper would agree with Bill Hicks. I've always loved the Omar song so glad I didn't hear it being applied to a Kitchens & Bathrooms ad as it would have ruined it forever.

    Sounds obvious, but you need to put yourself first for once and not the job.

    1. You wouldn't have heard it unless you were in West Yorkshire, Alyson. All pretty small scale, my advertising career.


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