Thursday, 1 September 2016

September #10 - Hindu Love Gods

September marks a new beginning for this blog...

As mentioned before, I was getting frustrated with not being able to write about what I'm listening to right now unless I could find a way to shoehorn it into a Top 10. Many great songs which I wanted to share with the world just fell by the wayside because I couldn't find an interesting theme or 9 other linked songs (or else I found way too many!). I've tried doing a "What I'm Listening To Right Now" Top Ten every now and then but they tend to go on for weeks, and who's got the time?

So every month, as well as my regular themed Top Tens, I thought I'd count down my favourite songs (new and old) of the moment. Just stuff that's rattling round in my ears that you (or someone) might dig. These will fit around the normal Top Tens, one song at a time. 

So let's start with an oldie... well, it's an oldie where I come from...

10: Hindu Love Gods - Raspberry Beret

Of course, you can't beat Prince at his own game, so these guys make the beret their own. Essentially an R.E.M. side-project (Michael Stipe was an occasional member, the other three were always present) fronted by Warren Zevon*, Hindu Love Gods released one single in 1986 and one album in 1990 (at which point they also released the above track which became a minor radio hit).

Sadly I don't own the album (it's always out of my price range... but then, my price range these days usually stretches up to £1.50 in the charity shop) or the earlier single, but I do own this track on Zevon's Best Of album. It's a fantastic rocked-up version of one of Prince's poppiest hits and Zevon's voice has raely sounded better.

(*And occasionally Bryan Cook from the bands Oh-OK and Time Toy... Me neither.)


  1. Marvellous! I used to love this album. I wonder whatever happened to my copy?

  2. Warren Zevon and Prince no longer with us - the world is a poorer place


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