Tuesday, 6 September 2016

September #8: Doris Duke

8. Doris Duke - Divorce Decree

Back at the beginning of June, I compiled My Top Ten Divorce Songs. This caused a bit of a stir at Top Ten Towers from an other half who rarely pays attention to my internet ramblings... but we're over it now the alimony is sorted. As is typically the case, a couple of weeks later I discovered a new (to me) Divorce Song which would definitely have made the list... had I known about it at the time. Still, that's another advantage of the changes I've made to this blog... now I can find room for those songs at a later date.

Doris Duke is considered by those in the know to be a (forgotten) queen of the deep soul sound, and her 1969 album I'm A Loser (which I was pleased to find on eMusic after Huey pointed me in its direction) is certainly worthy of your attention. It has that timeless soul sound which they could only do properly in the 60s and early 70s (attempts to recreate it in later years, with modern recording methods, never quite work) plus lyrics that venture a little deeper into the halls of heartbreak than many.

Oh, and we always need more pop stars called Doris. Obviously.


  1. Always good to here Doris Duke
    And you are quite correct we need more Doris' in popular music
    Doris Day and Doris Troy are the only other two who spring to mind

    1. I understand Doris Stokes does a cracking version of Pink Floyd's Is There Anybody Out There?

      Yes, I said "does", not "did".


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