Saturday, 30 September 2017

Saturday Snapshots #2

Here we go again. No prizes for identifying the photographer above.

Let's start this week with an easy one...

10. This reluctant replacement is more suited to a crown than a flat cap...

9. MK, darling, you'll find Sidekick Psycho hard to accept when he takes a stroll with The Bangles.

(That must surely be one of the most torturous cryptic clues ever written. Extra marks if you can explain your working out.)

8. Message received: he sweeps up for 2 hours just to purchase a poky place.

7. Don't pay the ferryman: being seen coming out of one of their gigs takes the biscuit.

6. Look on the bright side and thiscrowd will always let you down.

5. If you're still around in another 500 years, zese two will be waiting for you.

4. Superman's mum knows: the Duke & Big Lips never did it this good.

3. They have an answer for the Old King... but it may be an illusion.

2. Bananarama had been listening to her, like $100 Benjamin.

1. In pop's parallel universe...they were desperately seeking a home.

Answers as soon as you've guessed them all.


  1. Not a clue about any of them except number 5.

  2. Nice one, Rol!
    I'll have to come back after much cogitation...but for now I think I recognise
    10) Is that really Prince???!!
    9) Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians (get the Bangles connection but not getting the song)
    8) Roger Miller with 'King Of The Road'
    5) Zager & Evans with 'In The Year 2525' (I'm sure George would agree)
    1) Is that E on the left? So an Eels song...? but no idea yet either!
    Saturday afternoons never used to be this hard...

  3. I'm off to work in a minute, so I'll have to get my guesses in now..

    10. Prince - I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
    9. Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians - ???????? (something to do with former Soft Boy Kimberly Rew, who wrote Going Down to Liverpool....?)
    8. Roger Miller - King of the Road
    7. Styx - ??????????
    6. theaudience - A Pessimist is Never Disappointed
    5. Zager & Evans - In the Year 2525
    4. Martha Reeves & the Vandellas - Dancing in the Street
    3. Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken
    2. Rumer (possibly....) - ?????????????
    1. Eels (thanks C!) - Susan's House

    C's right, Saturday's never used to be this hard!

  4. I'm obviously making them too easy... for everyone but George.

    Extra points for deciphering the clues.

  5. No 2 - Rumer with Aretha
    As in Mr Franklin who appears on the bank note

  6. Missed out this week as in my sick bed but all the ones I knew have been guessed already. Great pic of Prince. And no, you're not making them too easy it's just that you have some very smart followers who used to work in record shops!!

  7. Not too easy at all, in fact I found it devilishly difficult, as demonstrated by the fact that I'd count Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptian among my favourite bands, but still haven't worked out what song it is yet!

  8. Agreed - not easy - I was depending on TS to get the Robyn Hitchock one! And we don't have a definitive answer for No. 7 either. Still work to be done!

    1. Did Styx record a song called either Custard Creme or Rich Tea?

    2. No but when I think of Don't Pay The Ferryman I think of Chris De Burgh and coming out of one of his concerts would take the biscuit!

  9. I was very rude there about Mr De Burgh - not like me. I did get the Styx clue but after much research the best biscuit I can come up with is Jonas Psalter (a salt cracker? - what I've lived on all weekend).


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