Saturday, 10 June 2023

Saturday Snapshots #296

Time to Don your white linen trousers and Armani jackets for another edition of the most stylish Saturday morning quiz on the internet. Or is it just a Crockett of...?

Investigate the ten clues below, identify the suspects, and link them to an overall plot. What connects their songs?

10. Ivan, Joni, Elton... how?

9. Hunter, like a Girl in a Ring.

8. In concert.

7. Henry... and Cher.

6. Polar fortnight.

5. Attributed to Tony Stark's dad.

4. Colourful coat found in Jarvis's college.

3. Secret kids in a hut.

2. A Playboy and a Diamond.

1. Far from stern, that is.

The Vice will close on the answers tomorrow morning...


  1. Clearly everyone's out sunbathing this morning.

  2. 10 Olivia Newton John - anagram!

  3. I don't know who #2 is but I do like his coat.

  4. Replies
    1. No. Once someone gets #2 or 4, it'll be easier.

  5. Travelling Ernie here. 2 is Fred Neil. Based on that and the Byrds, is the link dolphins?

  6. Ernie again. 6 is 14 Iced Bears


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