Tuesday 21 May 2024

Namesakes #86: New Order

This blog resolutely rejects all the tenets of National Socialism, and so, I'm sure, do all the bands below...


All those guys named above were New York's The New Order in 1966. They released a handful of songs and wore some very snazzy shirts...

...and then they were gone.


When the Stooges fell apart in 1974 due to Iggy's generally mental heroin-induced behaviour, guitarist Ron Asheton formed a new band called The New Order. Their first singer was thrown in jail for drink, drugs and refusing to do community service. They produced a bunch of demos which were eventually released on album compilations, but it all fell apart long before the New Order had chance to become the Old Order. 


Out of the ashes of Joy Division (a name which originally referred to women in concentration camps who were forced into prostitution by the Nazis) came another band who stole their name from Hitler and his cronies. 

Some time ago, I wrote about why I hated this particular New Order for many, many years... and it had nothing to do with the band themselves, or their music. I'm over that now, so please feel free to vote for them today if they tickle your fancy.


Sadly, I failed to find any audio for the 1981 field recording of Bradford Red Light District released by The New Order, a group who chose the name in protest about New Order #3 "stealing" their name from New Order #2. I did find the cover below though, which makes some erroneous claims about who was involved in the production. Genesis P-Orridge was apparently so mad to have his name included that he went round all the record shops that were stocking the vinyl to destroy the sleeves. One man happy to take responsibility was "noise and industrial musician" William Bennett, who was also in the following "groups"...  The 150 Murderous Passions, Or Those Belonging To The Fourth Class, Composing The 28 Days Of February Spent In Hearing The Narrations Of Madame Desgranges, Interspersed Amongst Which Are The Scandalous Doings At The Château During That Month. Actually, that's just one group.  

Which New Order would you place today... and which are only following orders?


  1. I think it has to be #4. I defy you to prove otherwise.

    1. Sadly, there are no copies available on discogs.

  2. Slim pickings this week, Rol. I suppose it made a change that the first three were all listenable, that is to say no 11 minute azerbaijani rap duds or 8 minutes of dub dance (if there is such a thing)

    1. I like to give your ears a rest every so often, George.

  3. You know where my votes going... but the 1, 2 and 4 all make plausible cases


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