Monday 24 June 2024

Celebrity Jukebox #129: Donald Sutherland

Martin and Khayem already paid their respects to the late Donald Sutherland, and there's little I can add to their fine tributes... except a few songs that mention him by name. Starting with this fine tune from a band with a terrible name. Don't let that put you off.

Martin paid particular attention to one of Donald's finest roles - the 1978 remake of Invasion Of The Body Snatcher, as pictured at the top of the page. And here it is in a song...

They're Body-Snatchers. Life is imitating art now
And Donald Sutherland, I guess I'm playing his part, now
That everyone is out to get me

Barstool Prophets - Paranoia

Meanwhile, these guys are probably watching Don't Look Now...

The scene where Donald Sutherland
Got hot between the sheets
Had really got her going
So you turned away to sleep

Flyte - Echoes

And Bill Callahan finds solace in Donald's voice...

A Donald Sutherland interview comes on
The truck radio
He apologizes to all he's loved and sired

Bill Callahan - Winter Road

Over at Dubhead, Kayhem mentioned Donald's guest appearance in a Kate Bush video, in which he plays the part of German psychiatrist and philosopher Wilhelm Reich. Here's a little bit more about that dude... 

Red fascists kicked him out of Oslo
Donald Sutherland
Portrayed him in a Kate Bush video
Bitter love, preaching human dignity
Wrote a book about Nazi sexuality

Turbonegro - √úbermensch

Apparently Donald initially refused to lower himself to taking part in a silly pop video... until Kate Bush turned up at door in person. And then he changed his mind. Can't imagine why...


  1. The Kate doorstep effect.... Nicely done, Rol. Love that Cloudbusting video.

  2. Who among us has not hidden our yo-yo in the garden?


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