Monday, 19 February 2018

Mid-Life Crisis Songs #16 - Monday (Every Time I Turn Around)

These guys are The Bottle Rockets, a band I came across on a free sampler compilation from Bloodshot Records that Charity Chic pointed me in the direction of. You can find it here.

You know when you're a kid and the older generation tell you to enjoy those endless days of youth that seen to last forever, because all too soon your time will speed up and you won't know where it's all gone? This one seems appropriate for today...

Tuesday means the weekends almost here.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday disappear.
Well Saturday means Sunday's almost in the rearview mirror.
The future's certain end is always
It goes so fast it won't slow down.
It's Monday everytime I turn around.


  1. You can't go wrong with Bloodshot

  2. Some great songs on that Bloodshot sampler. I had some of The Bottle Rockets' early records but lost touch with them. You have to check out the track "Nancy Sinatra". It's on youtube.

  3. It’s all Saturday Snapshot’s fault. The week seems to fly in between the answers coming out and the next edition. So much so I missed it last weekend as it felt as if it was only about Thursday!

    These lyrics are scarily accurate.

  4. A good song with very apt lyrics. The whole of this session is available to download here..


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