Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The Hot 100 Countdown #97

Rather surprised that nobody guessed my Number 97 song, though there were a couple of fine suggestions.

Martin went for '97 Bonnie & Clyde by Eminem, which has featured here before, five years ago in My Top Ten Bad Dad Songs. It's classic Psycho Marshall, in which Em' takes on Will Smith's version of Just The Two Of Us... and wins.

Then Chris suggested The Wreck Of The Old '97, a vintage country track (written back in 1924!) based on a terrible train crash in 1903. It's been covered by everyone since (I hear Kylie's done a version of her new "country" album, and I'm sure Justin Timberlake must be considering it now he's gone country) but Johnny Cash is Johnny Cash.

There's also a pretty cool American alt-rock band (pictured above) led by Rhett Miller who took their name from this song. Here they are getting drunk and getting it on.

Alyson plumbed for George Michael's Star People '97, which is OK... but a bit TOO '97 for me. I far refer the original. On that note though, I can confidently tell you there will NEVER be a year-remix song in this series... even if it means I have to skip a number. Just saying.

Nobody though, nobody at all, remembered this... very, very early Pulp - from 1986! Yes, Pulp were around in 1986 (believe it or not, they originally formed in 1978!). This was the b-side to the also-excellent single Dogs Are Everywhere, and it was later included on the Masters Of The Universe collection. If you've never heard it... close your eyes and meet a much younger Jarvis than we're used to... but just as sleazy as ever.

I know a woman

With a picture of Roger Moore
In a short towel and dressing-gown
Pinned to her bedroom wall
She married a man
Who works on a building site
Now they make love beneath Roger
Every Friday night

Which brings us to 96. The song should be obvious... but which version???


  1. Suspected there would never be a year-remix in this series but worth throwing that one into the ring I thought.

    When you say the song should be obvious, I'm assuming you mean 96 Tears but of course I could be wrong. The version I have on the (virtual) shelves is by The Stranglers so will go with that one.

    As for Jarvis, he is around my age so I knew he'd been around since the '70s but he didn't really achieve mainstream success until he was well into his thirties. See, it's all about just plugging away at it and never giving up!

  2. I know you listened to the latest Magnetic Fields album, and there's a track about 1996: '96 I'm Sad!
    However you say there are different versions which makes me doubt that first pick. So I'm going with 96 Tears by ? and the Mysterians

    1. I'm saving the Magnetic Fields album for emergencies only, Chris - otherwise I could do half this countdown with those songs.

  3. Big Maybelle's version of 96 Tears is the one for me, but is it the one for you?!

    1. And meant to add, love the early Pulp song, not heard before.

  4. I'd like to plug an acoustic version of "96 Tears" by Richard Thompson and David Byrne. It's mixed alongside "Who Were You Thinking Of?" and is from a bootleg called "Who Were You Thinking Of?"

    The album is mostly RT songs and traditional folk along with David Byrne soloing Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World" and "Road To Nowhere" and the album closes with a fab duet on "Psycho Killer".

    Most of the bootleg is available on youtube (both audio and video from the show) and this is live video of RT & DB doing Psycho Killer"


  5. Damn - I messed up the bootleg title. It's "An Acoustic Evening with David Byrne & Richard Thompson" and was recorded in New York in 1992.

  6. ? and the Mysterians I reckon.

  7. ? and the Mysterians. The Primal Scream cover version is worth a look.

  8. Obvious - that'll be 96 Tears.
    How about The Stranglers version.

    I've got a version by Primal Scream somewhere (Vanishing Pint CD?) - but Youtube reminds me it's "a bit rubbish"


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