Sunday, 25 February 2018

Saturday Snapshots #21 - The Answers

Why do I give out the answers to Saturday Snapshots on Sunday morning?

Because the night belongs to lovers...

10. A coyote stuck in a bog leads to evil deeds.

Wile E. Coyote stuck in some peat.

Pete Wylie - Sinful

Martin & The Swede shared this one.

9. A fallen apple gets squeezed by ante meridiem seraphim.

Newton's apple gets juiced.

Juice Newton - Angel of the Morning

After a no-show last week, Alyson got up extra early this week to steal the points.

8. Karma from fresh chemical reactions.

New Radicals - You Get What You Give

Another one for Martin. (I had him pegged for this one.)

7. Nile's band in the past... I didn't even know you were pregnant!

Nile Rodgers' band (well, one of them) was Chic. In the past would be a long time ago.

Chicago - Baby, What A Big Surprise!

Another one for Alyson. CC had an interesting alternative.

6. Crazy (like her dad) in the States.

Yes, that's a very young Kim Wilde... and her dad, Marty.

Kim Wilde - Kids In America

Alyson's old flatmate went to school with Kim Wilde! 

5. Russian revolutionaries sharing a slide.

One of the big Russian Revolutions was the Decembrist revolt.

Decemberists - We All Go Down Together

George & The Swede teamed up for this.

4. Rest your drink on the garrulous bison.

The Coasters - Yakety Yak

Alyson again.

3. New York to L.A. with half of Mark Twain's finest.

Mark Twain's finest book was Huckleberry Finn. (Sorry, Tom.)

Coast To Coast - Do The Hucklebuck

Charity Chic has no shame. Respect!

2. Anthony the crazy Mexican visits James Brown in a chilly Saudi city.

Tone was loc' (short for loco).

Medina is a city in Saudi Arabia.

Tone Loc - Funky Cold Medina

Another one for Martin, nipping at Alyson's heels.

1. Hug a thug.

Possibly my favourite clue ever.

Martin beat George to it by 3 minutes.

Embrace - Hooligan

I think Alyson just stole this week from Martin, but it was a close-run contest. Thanks, everybody!

More next week, unless Donald has given me my gun by then.

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  1. My check-in time was just right yesterday obviously but a lot to do with the fact you include "something for everyone" and in my case it's best to be of a certain vintage for any chance of success - Thanks for that!


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