Saturday, 3 February 2018

Saturday Snapshots #18

Saturday night may be all right for fighting, but Saturday morning is definitely best for guessing snapshots.

Identify ten artists and song titles from this lot, please...

10. No need to change gear for Dr. Frankenstein.

9. Speaking of whom, Tarzan's father got snowed in.

8. Relocation by hymn, tapestry and pudding (almost).

7. Telstar on my mind - get off!

6. French hoist suffers a great loss. (TWO points if anybody gets this one without cheating.)

5. Pale coloured vehicles (x3).

4. Very soft ladies, hard to find in a barn.

3. An alternative to a big star.

2. Good afternoon, Batgirls.

1. Davis & Coltrane made lots of this.

Answers tomorrow morning... or in the comments section by midday, usually.


  1. No.4 The Velvelettes (very soft) - Needle In A Haystack.

    No.8 Looksvery like Dana but I can't work out the clue to get the song so thinking it might not be.

  2. 10 is Monster, Automatic
    7 is Keep Your Hands To Yourself, Georgia Satellites
    6: clue suggests Les Cranes? If so, never heard of him.
    5 is The Pastels.
    3 is Alex Chilton, The Replacements

    1. Good morning, all. Wish I had been here early enough to get the Pastels. I’ll finish it with Truck, Train, Tractor.

  3. 9 Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein

  4. 2 Robyn, for sure. Less sure on the song. Konichiwa Bitches? (which my ever so polite predictive text wanted to change to 'batches')

  5. 8. Brilliant clue for Carole Bayer Sager (carol Bayeux sago). Song though? A guess. You're Moving Out Today (for relocation).

  6. Doh - an excellent clue indeed for No. 8 and why the answer is most definitely not Dana!

  7. I came, I saw, but they'd already been conquered...!

  8. I admit to having sinned and looked up the French for hoist - It is "hisser". That Les Cranes suggestion looks far more likely but no idea of the song.

  9. Late again and no opportunity to be a smart ar*e.
    However, I will now spend the next 45 minutes listening to the Georgia Satellites at full blast - thanks for the prompt

  10. ... So if it is Les Crane, he did Desiderata...

    1. (I didn't Google that, honest! But I did ask the bloke upstairs!)


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