Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Mid-Life Crisis Songs #17: World Of Hurt

I was 27 when I figured out
That blowing my brains out wasn't the answer
So I decided, maybe I should find a way
To make this world work out for me...

Sometimes you just press random on the cloud and the perfect song comes up to put a shine on the end of a shitty day. This came on on Monday night, Patterson Hood at his best. Cynical, world-weary, yet not giving up...

And my good friend Paul was 83
When he told me that, "To love is to feel pain"
I thought about that a lot back then
I think about that again and again...

I'm a sucker for songs where the singer just mutters the verses at you, only bothering to sing the actual chorus. Some people might call it lazy; I call it honest.

Believe it or not, this is a love song. A lot more honest than most of the love songs you hear on the radio.

Remember, it ain't too late to take a deep breath
And throw yourself into it with everything you got
It's great to be alive...

Or maybe it's just me. (I'm starting to think that should be my sign off line on this blog.)


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