Monday, 26 February 2018

Trump Gives Me A Gun

Try as I might to ignore him in the hope he might go away, Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.

I'm sure you've heard his latest brainwave. The solution to all these American school shootings (8 this year alone!) is to give the teachers guns.

Well, speaking as a teacher, I have to say... this is his best idea yet. Uh-huh. Can't seen any problems with that.

Like, say, if I get some really annoying sixteen year old in my class who just will not stop flicking through facebook or snapchatting his pals on his mobile... and I've asked him a thousand times to put it away... and all I get is lip... and I've tried everything I can to get him to pay attention to the lesson... it's not like I'm ever going to crack and say:

Yep. The answer to the gun problem in America just has to be more guns. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Let me tell you about the worst class I have this year. Three hours, from 9am till 12, every Monday morning, and not one of them wants to be there. I mean, sometimes... sometimes... it's like...

The silicon chip inside my head
Gets switched to overload...

(With apologies to Jez, for co-opting the theme of his regular Monday morning posts.)


  1. Simply unbelievable. As you say what could possibly go wrong with that plan!

  2. Trump doesn't understand why there are so many shootings because his tiny hands can't hold a gun or reach the trigger

  3. Absolutely. Surely it's a basic human right to own something which was made solely for the purpose of maiming or killing other beings. I mean, come on.


  4. When I lived in Japan more than 20 years ago I met a man whose first question to me in broken English was, “Do you have gum?” I said yes and reached in my pocket. He gasped and nearly fainted. He meant do you have a gun? That’s when I knew we had a problem. The problem, obviously, is much worse now.

  5. Did you see the NRA guy give his speech about how 'New European Socialism' is responsible for the calls for gun control and that, to give in, would be to lose America's freedoms. Um, what freedom? The freedom to shoot innocent children?? The really sobering, disgusting thing is that Trump supporters and NRA members are even taking to social media to criticise the survivors, calling them 'snowflakes'. When society can't even say a good word about people who narrowly escaped with their lives, then you knew we're in trouble. Oh and now Trump says that he'd have ran in there even without a weapon


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