Sunday, 23 April 2017

April #2: Jarvis Feels Chilly

2. Jarvis Cocker & Chilly Gonzales - Tearjerker / The Belleboy

Room 29, the new Jarvis Cocker album, is sure to confound and delight old Pulp fans in equal measure. Lyrically, it is classic Jarvis: a suite of songs set in sumptuous and seedy hotel rooms, full of the sly wit, outsider chic and unashamed sleaze that set Pulp apart from all other Britpop bands. Musically, it's a whole new kettle of fish. No guitars. No drums. No keyboards... except for Chilly Gonzales's grand piano. Occasionally they drag a string section in, but mostly this is smoky lounge bar stuff with occasional deviations into classical piano. It took me about one and a half listens to make up my mind.

I love it.

Closest comparison I can make is when Elvis Costello made The Juliet Letters with The Brodsky Quartet... although this is much, much better.

If Room 29 isn't in My Top Ten Albums of 2017, it will have been a blinding year for music.

Couldn't choose between these two tracks, so give them both a listen. I hope you love them like I do.
You are such a jerk
You are a tearjerker
You don't need a girlfriend
You need a social worker...

Life could be a bed of roses...
If it wasn't full of so many pricks...
Who want to take it out
On the Belle Boy



  1. "...full of the sly wit, outsider chic and unashamed sleaze..." a perfect description.
    Musically this material is a bit outside my comfort zone, although IO thought not a million miles from some of Amanda Palmer in some ways (so rare for me to listen to much with a piano!), especially her more introspective work, so I think I could grow to like it more, if I'm in the right mood.
    Whatever, I think Jarvis is ageing rather beautifully and he looks particularly fetching on top of that piano.

    1. Btw, I normally speak English quite fluently, but seem to have failed in above comment!

    2. I can definitely hear the Amanda Palmer connection in the second song - think the way Chilly hammers the keys is very Palmer-esque.

      And don't worry: it's not like I'm an English teacher or anything...

  2. Thanks Rol for bringing this to my attention....will keep an eye out for it.



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