Wednesday, 23 January 2019

My Top Ten She's So... Songs

While waiting for inspiration to strike (and free time to ponder), I'm going through the backlog of old ideas for Top Tend I never got round to writing up. This one is pretty self-explanatory, other than to say that although Cyndi's album was called She's So Unusual, there wasn't a title track...

10. Rolling Stones - She's So Cold

Remember when The Rolling Stones tried to look like a new wave band?

9. XTC - She's So Square

Early XTC. One for Brian. (Although he'd probably put it much higher. Certainly higher than the next two!)

8. Kiss - She's So European

Aliens don't need to come to earth in spaceships anymore to find out about human life. They can just watch old youtube videos. Of Kiss. And vow never to come near this scary, scary planet called Earth.

7. Cliff Richard - She's So Beautiful

And even scarier than Kiss, there's Cliff. Video must be watched. Those pants are too tight, Cliff. And why is that baby flying on a wire? Safeguarding!

6. The Beatles - I Want You (She's So Heavy)

One of those Beatles song I'm kind of on the fence about. On Abbey Road, it works. On its own... it just sounds like them mucking about in the studio for seven and a half minutes without much of an idea of a tune.

5. Travis - She's So Strange

She pilfered all the petty cash and went to Birmingham.

Well, you would, wouldn't you?

4. Supergrass - She's So Loose

I Should Coco: still one of the best debut albums ever.

3. Blur - She's So High

Remember when Blur sounded like a trippy Madchester band?

2. The Boomtown Rats - She's So Modern

She's so 20th century.
She's so 1970s.

My Top Ten - making you feel old, one lyric at a time.

1. Blondie - Rip Her To Shreds

She's so dull...

Words that could never be applied to Debbie Harry,

She's so tired of waiting for your suggestions...


  1. A most excellent Top 10 idea. Will turn into a playlist on the w/e.

  2. Always appreciate a plug for early XTC, Rol. The real winner is She's So Modern. Must have listened to that one hundreds of times in the past 35 years. Another list of yours that leaves me in awe.

    1. The Rats made some great singles, besides the obvious ones.

  3. A fine 10 - which would've been slightly ruined by the mention of Scouting For Girls
    (my first thought when reading the headline - fortunately I can breath again)

    And I heartily concur with your suggestion that I Should Coco is indeed one of the best debut albums out there

    1. Yeah... I initially liked the idea of SFG, but they kind of jumped the shark with that one.

  4. No Debbie was never dull.

    If you do a He's So... TT, there is the obvious one by the Chiffons which caused no end of problems for George Harrison.


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