Wednesday, 30 January 2019

My Top Ten Songs / Not Songs

Something a little bit different this week - the battle of the song titles! One song says it is, the other song says it's NOT. Which will win? Well, I'll name my winners... feel free to disagree!

10. Sting - Fragile vs. Bachman Turner Overdrive - Not Fragile

No contest. BTO blow Sting out of the water. Serves him right for being so bloody fragile. And tantric.

9. Kacey Musgraves - Miserable vs. Frightened Rabbit - Not Miserable

I like the way this Top Ten throws together some unusual couplings. I'm sure Kacey will understand why this one must go to the Rabbit.

8. Kirsty MacColl - My Way Home vs. Nanci Griffiths - Not My Way Home

Two very classy ladies... but Kirsty obviously takes the crown.

7. Dodgy - Good Enough vs. Babybird - Not Good Enough

Dodgy bring the pop smarts... Babybird brings the heartbreak. Heartbreak wins this time.

6. Amy Winehouse - Addicted vs. The Streets - Not Addicted

She was. He isn't.

I'm gonna call this one a draw.

5. Magnetic Fields - My Only Friend vs. Teardrop Explodes - Not My Only Friend

Another draw. Too bloody amazing tunes... I'd forgotten both of them.

4. Blur - For Tomorrow vs. Courteeners - Not For Tomorrow

One of Blur's finest moments clearly takes this battle. Don't worry, the Courteeners will get another chance at victory in a moment.

3. Joe Jackson - Nineteen Forever vs. The Courteeners - Not Nineteen Forever

On their second attempt, the Courteeners clearly realise that 19 is a bit of a rubbish age and so leave Joe behind in his permanent adolescence.

2. Bruce Springsteen - Fade Away vs. Buddy Holly - Not Fade Away

Yes, I know there are other songs called Fade Away... but they're not on The River.

Yes, I know there are other versions of Not Fade Away... but they wouldn't have beaten Bruce!

1. Beck - Where It's At vs. Del Amitri - Not Where It's At

Beck may have two turntables and a microphone, but Del Amitri win this one by refusing to be cool... a bit like this blog.

Any other suggestions gratefully received. Or not.


  1. Like this idea - it has legs.

  2. A very impressive top 20 there Rol
    I don't know how you do it
    This is a Love Song - Deacon Blue vs This is Not a Love Song - Public Image Ltd?

  3. Brilliant stuff Rol. My only issue is that if you're calling a draw between Amy and The Streets, then surely the same should be said for Buddy and The Boss?
    My suggestions for Vol.2? 'Guilty' by Barbara Streisand Vs 'Not Guilty' by The Beatles, 'I Am I Said' by Neil Diamond Vs 'I'm Not' by Moe Tucker and 'Satisfied' by The Fat White Family Vs 'Not Satisfied' by Aswad.

    1. Any Top Ten that includes Neil AND Barbra is all right with me.

      As for the Boss... I'm sure he's be happy to be beaten by Buddy.

  4. Love this, inspired!
    How about Pharrel Williams 'Happy' vs. Jale 'Not Happy' (just dug that out after having forgotten for many years - sounds like Juliana Hatfield singing with Veruca Salt)

  5. Also... not exact opposites but opposite sentiments, how about Alison Moyet 'Don't Go' vs. Bessie Banks or Moody Blues 'Go Now'?
    Also the Fourmost 'I'm In Love' vs. 10cc 'I'm Not In Love'.
    What have you started, Rol? I'll be thinking about this all day!

    1. There's probably a whole top ten in go vs. don't go songs...

    2. I think they might be up your street, Rol. A Sub Pop band. Their song 'All Ready' is a bit Bangles-y too.

    3. This comment above was meant to go with the Jale suggestion!

    4. I guessed that. You had me at Juliana Hatfield.

  6. Very clever idea.

    I have Not Coming Home by Maroon 5 and Coming Home by Johnny Cash.

    1. I think we can safely say Johnny wins that one.

  7. Another great theme, i have got, Go Moby / Dont Go Yazoo, Panic Smiths / Dont Panic Coldplay, Sing Travis / Don't Sing Prefab Sprout, Stop Erasure / Don't Stop Fleetwood Mac and You Ten Sharp / Ain't You Kleenex, sure there is loads more

    1. Thanks, Jim. Don't songs are definitely in consideration.

  8. Top theme / train of thought

    How about:
    Bon Jovi - Always vs Assembly - Never Never
    (Mr Sharkey and Mr Clarke trounce the poddle haired rockers)

    Gloria Gaynor- Never Can Say Goodbye vs Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - Goodbye-ee
    (Pete & Dud win on penalties)

    Slade - Cum On Feel The Noize vs Simon & Garfunkel - Sounds Of Silence

    1. Some great suggestions, but if I started going down that route I might be here forever...


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