Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Hot 100 #54

Studio 54 was obviously going to get a mention in the Hot 100 this week, with Alyson, Jim and Rigid Digit all suggesting Chic - Le Freak...

Just come on down to 54, find a spot up on the floor, ahhhh

Alyson even wrote a whole post about this disco classic, which I'm guessing directed new player Alex G to get involved with another Studio 54- related suggestion...
Another song about Studio 54 is "Dario, Can You Get Me Into Studio 54?" by Dana and Gene. Whoever they may be! But the writer/producer behind it was the future Kid Creole, August Darnell, who later did a Kid Creole & The Coconuts version too, just titled 'Dario'. 
Bizarrely, even The Clash had a Studio 54 reference in Ivan Meets GI Joe, as identified by Rigid Digit...
Anything we should know about your change?
So you're on the floor at 54

Out of the disco, Martin offered a few choice treats, including...

Harry Nilsson, Take 54 - maybe not his finest moment, but includes the line "I sang my balls off for you, baby" which never fails to raise a smile.
You won't ever go wrong with Nilsson in my book, Martin! 

And not really my bag but Aphex Twin had this, 54 Cymru Beats,
recorded in Wales, perhaps?

Not really my bag either, but I'm sure it's nice if you're into that sort of thing.

Charity Chic was up next with this...

So basically, his girlfriend runs off with his best friend but on their way out of town their car is hit by a freight train and they're both killed. Sign me up for more of that, Wayne.

Meanwhile, the Swede had a 54 band for us... bending the rules, but that never stopped us, did it?


Then Alyson threw in this...

While Lynchie (still MIA on a Saturday morning) offered up this...

However, it's another reggae anthem which takes top spot this week... as suggested by most of you (Alyson offered up an Aswad cover while Jim suggested a 90s dance version which had the same title, but as it was by a band called Partners Rime Syndicate, I was just too scared to investigate further).

The best song ever written about being nicked for smoking da weed? You decide...

Next week... number 53. Surely there's only one serious contender for that? Your suggestions gratefully received nevertheless...


  1. Racks his brains for the "obvious one"!

  2. Dropkick Murphys - 1953 (which doesn't mention 1953 at all in the lyrics - only the title)

    Could it be 53rd & 3rd by Ramones?

    The National Parks – 1953 - very wimpy love song. I doubt if it's that one.

    The opening line of Riot In Cell Block #9 is:

    "On July the second, 1953
    I was serving time in Tahatchopee" - which you've got to admit is pretty fab.

    (The reason for my failure to turn up for Saturday Snapshots is that my sleep's been all over the place the past couple of months and it takes me til about 10 a.m. to recover from having made a cup of coffee.)

    1. I've passed your letter on to the teacher. He says you're excused.

  3. If you want 53s, the B52s have got 'em in '53 Miles West Of Venus'. Lots of 'em!

  4. '...yeah I'm going down fifty-third street and they spit in my face, I'm learning the ropes yeah I'm learning a trade...' - Rolling Stones - When the Whip Comes Down.

  5. Ramones '53rd and 3rd'.

    ifty-third and third standing on the street
    Fifty-third and third I'm tryin' to turn a trick
    Fifty-third and third you're the one they never pick
    Fifty-third and third don't it make you feel sick?

  6. Ramones and B52s were my first choices.
    Time for choice #3 (and it's a lyrical one)

    U2 - Angel Of Harlem
    "Birdland on fifty three
    The street sounds like a symphony
    We got John Coltrane and a love supreme
    Miles, and she's got to be an angel"

    1. Hmm. Surely we have a No U2 rule here?

      (That said, Angel Of Harlem is one of the few U2 songs I don't utterly detest.)

  7. Thanks for the mention above - I still think that was one freaky coincidence last week. Should have bought a lottery ticket.

    Yes its the B52s and the Ramones from me too. Of the two I think it might be NEITHER. Think you will go with something else.

  8. The sight of blood dispersed the gang
    A crowd gathered, the police came
    An ambulance screamed to a halt on fifty-third and third

    The Killing Of Georgie

    1. From Part 1 and by, of course, Mr Rod Stewart.


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