Sunday, 21 July 2019

Saturday Snapshots #93 - The Answers

All American Girl Carrie Underwood welcomes us to this week's answers - she's determined to stop Rol, Before He Cheats. Although she doesn't even know his Last Name.

(Look, I'm moving house in a week. Give me a break if the puns aren't up to standard. Also there is no suggestion here that I cheat when putting this quiz together. How would I even do that? Why would I even do that?)

Summer holidays are upon us, so I expect absentees over the next few weeks. Well done to Alyson for taking this week's early bird prize... and leaving some for others to crack!

10. Bodyline, perhaps? That's (how) to do it!

Bodyline was a cricketing scandal involving fast bowling.

Mr. Punch always said, "that's The Way to do it".

Fastball - The Way

Nobody remember this one?

9. Bogie in Florida meets Jeeves's pal... and Magnum's.

Bogie went to Florida in the movie Key Largo. (Great flick.)

Jeeves's pal was Bertie Wooster.

Magnum's pal was Higgins.

Bertie Higgins - Key Largo

Video of the week. If, like me, you have no shame.

8. Das Kapital? Winded.

What is the capital city of Germany?


Berlin - Take My Breath Away

7. Led Zep's mutt races to Camptown to find Armstrong Avenue.

Led Zeppelin's drummer was John "Bonzo" Bonham.

A mutt is a dog.

Campdown Races sing this song, doo dah, doo dah...

Neil Armstrong was a spaceman, on an Avenue he'd be urban.

Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Urban

Yes, that was my token "50th Years Since The Moon Landing" clue, Lynchie. If I'd been cleverer, I'd have done the whole ten that way.

6. Black & white is dead... staring hideous amour in the face.

Living Colour - Love Rears Its Ugly Head

5. Size doesn't matter, not when you're running a temperature.

Little Willie John - Fever

4. Iv no job! Have to rely on our dad!


Our dad = Our Father. Which is a prayer. See? (If in doubt, try to work out if the most obvious song will fit the clue.)

Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer

3. Sailors' caps and disposable beakers found at the wedding venue.

American Sailors' caps and disposable beakers were both known as Dixie Cups.

Dixie Cups - Chapel Of Love 

2. Not a toaster, more an immersive visual experience... you crazy fool!

Toasters used to be cliched Wedding Presents. This isn't a toaster though, it's David Gedge's other band... "an immersive visual experience".

Cinerama - Maniac

1. A big hug if you take care putting the stickers on.

Get Out Of This Town! At least until next Saturday morning when it all starts again...


  1. Good luck with the house move - Hard work but once you’re installed it’ll be worth it.

    As for Bertie Higgins, I too have no shame and quite enjoyed revisiting the video clip - a real throwback that one.

  2. Did you watch the new film The Beach Bum? Bertie Higgins performs Key Largo live with Matthew McConaughey (included on the soundtrack) . The 1982 original is better.
    Hope the house move goes well.

    1. Just checked that out but it's the 1982 version for me - White clothes, yachts, deep tans, Hawaiian shirts, permed blow-dried hair... and a love story referencing Bogie and Bacall. Very Miami Vice.

    2. ...and of course the gold chain and the casual cigarette smoking - Very much of its time but it's now formed a perky earworm so it'll be with me all week now!

    3. That's an amusing live take. I'll have to see if I can track down the film. I like McConaughey.

    4. I haven't seen the film and can't say if it's good or not. Noticed in the Youtube comments (in the video you shared) that Bertie made an announcement about The Beach Bum.

  3. All the best with moving house. It's a stress-inducing event, so take it easy.


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