Friday, 7 February 2020

2019 Latecomers: Spreading The Feeling

I discovered that a new Pernice Brothers album had sneaked out last year via a comment left on Brian's blog a month or so back. I immediately set out to track it down as they haven't had a record out for almost a decade. The only place I could find it was on their bandcamp page, but I was happy to throw them some money and definitely not disappointed on receiving my download.

Spread The Feeling is classic Pernice Brothers - bright, sunshiny pop tunes with blissful harmonies and an underlying air of melancholy. If you've never heard of them, here's a Venn Diagram I drew to explain the band in as few words as possible...

Hear the full album over on Bandcamp, but here's one of my favourites...


  1. I'll need to check this one out
    I liked them back in the day. They may even feature in an on-going series of mine!

  2. Loved The Pernice Brothers and Scud Mountain Boys before them. Completely overlooked the new album, but, based on 'Eric Saw Colours', I must check it out in full. A strong 'My Back Pages' vibe going on in this tune.


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