Saturday, 16 December 2017

Saturday Snapshot - The Answers

Extra quick today - it's almost as though you were trying to help me get through my Top 17 of 2017 before next Saturday...

10. Weinstein menace: could this be an appropriate punishment? (A sharp one, obviously.)

Harvey is a danger. We should make him sit on a very sharp flagpole.

Charity Chic googled his way to victory on this one.

Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta

George didn't believe they existed. He obviously never watched Peep Show.

9. Jumbo pantyliners.

My deepest apologies to Sir Thumbsaloft for this one.

Pantyliners, so the adverts keep telling me, come with Wings... "Only the band The Beatles could have been."

Jumbo is a type of jet. D'oh.

Wings - Jet

Alyson got the artist, CC the song.

8. A big twit, fair of face, thinks we all want a truly great Queen song.

A big twit is a berk... or Burke.

Monday's child is fair of face... and Solomon Grundy was born on a Monday.

One of Queen's best songs was Somebody To Love.

Solomon Burke - Somebody To Love

Think Lynchie got this one first.

7. This is what happens when you have John Lydon round for tea. He mucks about with your TV and your stereo.

John Lydon is a daft punk.

Your TV may well be LCD. Your stereo is your sound system.

LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House

C got that, with a little gentle prodding.

6. Da doo one, quick, doctor - there's a Lady playing alternative percussion.

Da doo is obviously followed by Ron Ron.

"Stat!" is what the doctors on ER (or Casualty) shout when they want something quick.

The Beach Boys sang about Lady Lynda.

Alternative percussion might be a different drum.

Well done, Alyson. The early bird gets the worm.

Linda Ronstadt - Different Drum

(Ronstadt is a very difficult name to spell from memory.)

5. Goodbye Lucille goes well with the last song: a very deep fellow.

Goodbye Lucille is a Prefab Sprout song about Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.

A cymbal would go well with Linda's drum.

A very deep fellow would be Mr. Bassman.

Martin has been missed.

Johnny Cymbal - Mr. Bassman

4. Nobody can make a jacket this fast! Even better than Adele.

Nobody can make a jacket faster than a swift tailor.

Adele's first album was called 21.

Alyson worked this one out double-quick.

Taylor Swift - 22

Yes, it's Taylor Swift. Get over it.

3. Bad luck lifts you to this. One day, I won't be here...

If you got in a bad luck lift, you'd probably be taking a Thirteenth Floor Elevator.

When I'm not here, you're gonna miss me...

The Thirteenth Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me.

Martin's obviously a Hi Fidelity fan.

2.  Metaphorically, it's green. Literally it's mostly brown, orange or purple. But he says it's red. (Somewhere past L.A.)

This one explains itself - well done, C.

Hollywood Beyond - What's The Colour Of Money?

1. Have you got a third of Sgt. Pepper? Affirmative!

One third of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band might be Lonely Heart. Affirmative?

When prog goes 80s...

No Saturday Snapshots next week...

But don't despair, we'll have something a little more festive instead.


  1. Quick with the answers this week - thanks again for putting it together. Very clever as ever.

    You are right, the early bird catches the worm but a recent birthday around here for DD and that Taylor Swift song cropped up a lot in the cards and messages so it was familiar. Adore that Linda Ronstadt version of Different Drum.

  2. Good game, good game. I might have got a couple more if I'd arrived earlier, but old age coupled with this freezing weather is slowing me down.

  3. Hi Fidelity fan? But of course!

  4. Great clues, great game and I love how we all get there together somehow. Rather than competing in any way just makes me feel part of this mighty problem-solving team. We'll be building bridges out of used egg-boxes soon.


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