Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Top Ten Christmas Animal Songs

Christmas isn't just for human people. It's for our furry and feathered friends too. As this youtube video proves.

Here's Ten of my favourite animalistic Christmas offerings...

10. Bjork - The Christmas Cat

The lyrics are in Icelandic, so I have to believe what I read on the internet that this is a song about a legendary moggy that eats badly dressed children over the festive period. Which sounds like an excellent idea to me.

9. Michael Jackson - Rockin' Robin

I'm not linking to the original, I'd much rather you went and listened to this... Rockin' Robin meets Teen Spirit. Class.

8. Presidents of the United States of America - Christmas Piglet

Pretty much gets in on the title alone. Which is a good job, 'cos the song ain't brilliant.

7. Badly Drawn Boy - Donna & Blitzen

Damon Gough's tribute to the world's second and third most famous reindeer.

6. Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler - Jesus The Reindeer

Meanwhile, Emmy & Tim find a few new reindeer to join Santa's herd...
Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet...

Aries, Chancer, Joey, Chandler... Sancho Panzer, Sarah Palin...


5. Alien Sex Fiend - Stuff The Turkey

This record begins with a spoof Bernard Matthews "Bootiful". And if that's not enough...
Let's make this Christmas
One to remember
Let's stay drunk
From January till December.
Let's face it... there's only one better record about turkey... but it's the kind you have on Boxing Day...

4. John Lennon - Cold Turkey

Not listened to this in years. Forgotten how good it was.

3. Eels - Christmas Is Going To The Dogs

We'd rather have chew toys than yule logs

2. Colin Clary - Meow Meow

Can't find this anywhere online to play you, but believe me - if you're a cat lover, it's unbeatable.

Merry Christmas to all the kitties in this town!
I wish you love and lots of tuna juice...

1. The Crystals - Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Inevitable as leftover turkey.

Remember - these songs are for life, not just Christmas. Which one are you taking home from the pound?


  1. How about Captain Sensible One Christmas Catalogue: "And there's a turkey in the wings / He doesn't dance and he can't sing..."

    1. Or we could have had the b-side to Elton John's Step Into Christmas which I heard on the radio for the first (and hopefully last) time this morning... Ho Ho Ho, Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas?

    2. Camera Obscura did a lovely version of Little Donkey in a John Peel session one year, which I've never actually managed to track down. Must be out there somewhere though!

    3. Thanks, Kippers - I knew there had to be a credible version of that song out there somewhere. I'll have to try to hunt it down.

  2. Lemmy singing Run Rudolph Run is pretty cool.

    1. That's got to be a winning combination.


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