Thursday, 1 January 2015

My Top Ten Louise Songs

Today isn't New Year's Day here at Top Ten Towers. It's a very special birthday for a very special person. And in celebration... here's ten songs that mention her name...

10. Jona Lewie - Louise (We Get It Right)

See, Jona didn't just stop the cavalry and spend all his time in the kitchen at parties. He was also a whiz on a pair of rollerskates. And, judging from his vocals in the chorus, he was also occasionally possessed by Beelzebub.

9. Bonnie Tyler - Louise

Ah, yes, our Bonnie - a voice that could sink a thousand battleships... as this video ably demonstrates. This isn't her finest hour (it wasn't written by Jim Steinman), but it did knock Neil Diamond - Hey Louise out of my countdown, so you may be grateful for that.

8. Joni Mitchell - Cherokee Louise

Classic Joni storytelling, though the subject matter's a little grim for a birthday party.

7. Ryan Adams - Thank You, Louise

As is this one from Ryan. Lovely song - but really, you guys know how to kill a mood, don't you?

6. Dean Martin - Louise

Now this is more like it!
Every little breeze seems to whisper 'Louise'...
At last, one I feel comfortable dedicating to my special lady...

5. Grandaddy - Jeez, Louise

Jason Lytle falls foul of Louise's mother - she always hated him. Fortunately not something I have to worry about as my "mother-in-law" (the law never really got involved) is lovely.

4. Scott Walker - Big Louise

Nobody does heartbreak and loneliness like Big Scott.

3. Orange Juice - Louise Louise

Back to the 80s for my Top Three, kicking off with Edwyn Collins and an appropriate birthday wish...
Have a wonderful birthday, dear
Such a wonderful birthday, dear
It only comes but once a year
I'll spoil your party with a punky sneer
And I promise, I will try not to do that.

2. The Human League - Louise

Phil Oakey rides around on a barge, singing into a remote control, bemoaning the loss of Louise. Why did she leave him? The clue's in the mullet, Phil. (I should talk - you should see my hair at the moment.)

This is the best song in my collection with Louise in the title. So why isn't it Number One...?

1. Lloyd Cole - Perfect Skin
I choose my friends only far too well...
Ha - got you! I never said it had to have Louise in the title. (See also Visions of Johanna by Bob Dylan.) Here's one of Lloyd's finest, and the line "academia blues" seems a pretty accurate description for his songwriting in general. It's about the girl with "cheekbones like geometry and eyes like sin". A lethal combination, but at least she keeps up to date by reading Cosmo. This is a song of contradictions...
Up eight flights of stairs to her basement flat
Pretty confused huh?
But if you're looking for a moral... strikes me there never has been one.

Thank you for everything, Lou. I love you, hon'. Have a great birthday.


  1. Wishing a very happy birthday to your good lady and a very happy 2015 to you both.

    1. Thanks Steve, and the same to you and yours.

  2. Perfect! And best wishes for 2015

  3. Happy birthday to Louise! There's a really nice Tom Waits song called "Tell It To Me" (probably my favourite track on the Orphans triple album), which is all about a Louise.

    1. Great choice, and one I'd forgotten because she wasn't in the title. Thanks, Rob.

  4. Happy new year Rol, and happy birthday do your wife.

    Sorry that I have been a M.I.A for a while now, but its been a crazy busy time. Even my own blog has dried up, but I have usually been able to give yours a quick skim, even if i don't respond. So keep up the good work on that front. I will try and post more in the new year, it hasn't been a conscious decision to stop.

    I will refrain from being silly and suggesting Louise, Louise by Richard Berry (hehehe)

    As for Lloyd Cole, you will be pleased to hear that I found Rattlesnakes in the bargain bin of a second hand cd shop. Haven't listened much yet, but have liked it so far, so I will be looking forward to discovering that over the coming weeks.

    Have a good one, and keep up the good work.


    1. Cheers, Deano - great to hear from you again. I'll check out the Richard Berry... though I'm a little scared to do so! All the best.


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