Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Hot 100 #72

To illustrate this feature, I always try to find a band with that week's number in their name. It's not always possible, and most weeks I end up choosing a band I've never heard of. This week, however, here's an artist I actually own a couple of records by, the delightful JJ72. Where are they now, eh?

1972 was the year of my birth and so I've already done a Top Ten 1972 Songs. Well done to new commenter MisterPrime (unless it's someone else using an alias) for correctly identifying the top song in that list.

A couple more 1972 suggestions did trickle in this week though...

I think it may have been Mr. C who suggested this...

The Delegates - Convention '72

...which you really need to click on because you'll never have heard anything like it before. Unless you have.

Rigid Digit returned with this week's token lyrical mention of Saturday Gigs by Mott The Hoople, which I'm happy to keep mentioning for the next three weeks as it's great. However, RD didn't stop then with his Hoople...

Ballad of Mott the Hoople (26th March 1972, Z├╝rich)

Anyone who thinks this band were Young Dudes needs to think again.

The Swede stayed lyrical with this...

Bob Dylan - Sitting on a Barbed Wire Fence

...which may well explain why he sings the way he does.

I paid fifteen million dollars, twelve hundred and seventy-two cents
I paid one thousand, two hundred twenty-seven dollars and fifty-five cents
To see my bulldog bite a rabbit
And my hound dog's just sittin' on a barbed-wire fence

Some confusion there also as to how much Bob actually paid. Seems rather a lot, whatever it was.

(Personally though, I think that song's just a riff.)

Furry Boots City Boy, The Artist Formerly Known As Lynchie, offered this pleasant little number...

NoFX - 72 Hookers

...which makes a... let's say "interesting"... suggestion about how to achieve world peace. I like the guitars though.

Onto the tracks I had shortlisted for this week, the first of which was suggested by nobody...

Drive-By Truckers - 72 (This Highway's Mean)

...further proof that American highways will continue to provide fodder for this series if all else fails.

Rigid Digit identified this week's runner-up, and I'd fully second his statement that, "there is so much more to this band than "Sit Down" - creators of consistently fine albums"...

James - 72

...although, to be fair, Tim isn't a million miles away from NoFX in that one.

It was down to Alyson to identify this week's winning song then - well done to her.

71 next week. Over to you...


  1. Gosh didn't expect to be on point with this one at all.

    Anyway - 71 not easy either (is it just me or is this going to be our mantra from now until we get to the teens and single digits when there will be too many choices) and nothing in my library that fits.

    I did notice however that there is a Magnetic Fields song called '71 I Think I'll Make Another World - Knowing how much you like them that could well be it?

    1. There is a Magnetic Fields song like that for every single entry in this countdown so far... I've been avoiding them because, much as I like them, I didn't want this to be a weekly Magnetic Fields post.

    2. Ok, not sure how I missed that for the previous 29 entries. So as well as year songs we should avoid those MF ones as well - In that case I'm a bit stuck. Sorry.

  2. "In 71 all the people come"

    Mott's Saturday Gigs (again).

    It's the track that keeps on giving - although only for a couple more weeks


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