Sunday, 30 December 2018

Saturday Snapshots #64 - The Answers

I figured there would be low attendance at yesterday's Saturday Snapshots, given that many of you will Fly Away to other pursuits at this time of year. This allowed Rigid Digit and Charity Chic to virtually clean up, leaving only a couple for Brian and C to solve. (By the way, if you enjoy Saturday Snapshots, be sure to check out the latest instalment of C's Mystery Lovechild quiz.)

Still, It Ain't Over Till It's Over... so here are this week's answers.

10. Dearest greetings.

The Beloved - Hello

9. Save me from Netball Sofas!

Netball Sofas was an anagram.

Fontella Bass - Rescue Me

8. Search or arrest? Damn fine...

Search warrant.

Arrest warrant.

"Damn fine Cherry Pie," said Agent Cooper.

I figured Rigid Digit would get this one!

Warrant - Cherry Pie

7. Play cards with the French? Oui, monsieur, but I'd rather dance.

There was no stopping Charity Chic with this one!

Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

6. Voodoo lady owns a bloody skeleton.

Redbone - Witch Queen of New Orleans

5. When you're cleaning up after the tennis, and there's nowt worth listening to on the wireless.

Ballboys pick up the balls after (and during) a tennis match.

Ballboy - All The Records On The Radio Are Shite

4. Scared of when Prince cries?

Doves - The Fear

3. Neverending pangs land kilograms.

land + kg is an anagram of kd lang.

kd lang - Constant Craving

2. Danielle loves Clark Kent.

    Danielle loves Clark Kent.

Dan ❤ Man (Clark Kent being the man in Superman).

I wrote it twice because it was an Instant Replay.

Don't watch this video if you were out on the town last night.

Dan Hartman - Instant Replay

1. Mike...pops? Get aircon or call the fire brigade! No exit.

Mike Flowers Pops.

Aircon or the fire brigade could help a hot house (depending on how hot it got).

Are You Gonna Go My Way? If so, Saturday Snapshots will be back next week. Hopefully, so will you...


  1. Thank you for providing all these fab quizzes and brightening up my weekends. I am in awe of your ability to produce them as I wouldn't know where to begin.

    All the best to you and yours for 2019. Cheers!

  2. Thanks again (and thank you too for the plug!)


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