Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Cover Me Christmas - Do They Know...?

No Hot 100 this week, I'm afraid. Firstly, I've been busy trying to compile my Top 19 Albums of 2019; secondly because I was in bed with a stomach bug all yesterday. Feeling heaps better today, but still taking it easy.

Here's another Christmas cover for those of you who are sick of the original version featuring Bono, Sting and Sir Thumbs Aloft... or the Band Aid II version featuring Bros and Sonia... or the 2004 version featuring Chris Martin, Bono and Robbie Williams (which I don't think I've ever heard)... or the 2014 version featuring Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora and Bono (which I definitely haven't ever heard). Wonder what Bono was doing in 1989?

Whenever I think of all those famous people stuck in a recording studio with Bono's ego, I always think: "Tonight, thank God it's them instead of you."

Anyway, this version always makes me smile... and it's only one minute 26 seconds long!


  1. Haha, thanks for that, such a godawful song (and that "Thank God it's them..." line has always really grated with me) but this version made me smile too.

    Sorry to read you've been unwell and sincerely hope you're back to normal asap. Perhaps you just needed to make room for all the food yet to come...
    Take care of yourself Rol and Happy Christmas.

  2. Every time my wife and I hear Bono sing, "Tonight, thank God it's them instead of you," we both pump our fists and whisper "yes!" in unison. So glad he got stuck with that clunker of a line.

    Be well, my friend, and Happy Christmas. It 10:30 PM on this side of the world, and I bet your son is just waking up full of excitement.

  3. Happy Christmas to you and yours Rol.


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