Monday, 23 December 2019

Cover Me Monday #5 - Merry Xmas Everybody

If you're sick of hearing how much money Noddy Holder makes every Christmas...

If you're sick of hearing him shout "IT'S CHRISTMASSSSS!" across the Co-Op or Superdrug or Asda just when you thought you were safe...

Here's an antidote... or sorts. Chances are Noddy might still make a few pennies from it though.

The Hours were a band I had a lot of time for when they were around, about ten or so years back. They were made up of two blokes, Antony Genn and Martin Slattery. Genn had previously played with Pulp, Elastica ans Joe Strummer, while Slattery was in Black Grape. They made two great albums together, then seemingly called it a day.

The also recorded this rather fine cover version, which the rest of the world seems to have forgotten about as I can't find it on youtube or anywhere else...

The Hours - Merry Christmas Everybody


  1. Not a bad version that - sounds a bit like a Noel Gallagher/Freddie Mercury hybrid.
    My favourite version is this one at the moment:

    'appy Krissmas thing Rol

  2. Wow - a very different version but just so sick of the original now so liking it a lot. Just drama and gravitas in the delivery, didn't think of Noddy in his mirror top hat at all (it might be an urban myth but it seems it was sold to him by Freddie Mercury when he worked on market stall in Kensington).

    Merry Christmas to you and the family Rol.


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