Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Hot 100 #29

I couldn't find even a half-decent band with 29 in their name, so here's a picture of Carrie Fisher, because... well, do I need a reason?

OK then, a reason.

Carrie Fisher - Sonnet 29

Taken from Rufus Wainwright's album of Shakespeare Sonnets, Take All My Loves.

Onto the business at hand then: what did you have for me this week?

Let's start with last week's winner, Douglas, who found himself struggling a little this time...

"I can offer little new regarding the 29s from my own corpus of beloved songs and artists, despite having scoured through some 2500 LPs, 500 CDs, and a few thousand files on the hard drives and mp3s."

Blimey - that's dedication.

"So I hit the search engines, and came across a few songs that were new to me, with 29 in the title, including:"

"29" by Loic Nottet (who, despite being a young male Belgian singer, here most puts me in mind of Adele)

I can definitely hear that. "Loïc Nottet", on the other hand, is an anagram waiting to happen.

"Ryan Adams - 29 (an artist entirely on my periphery, and who, on the strength of this song, seems likely to remain there)"

Ryan Adams made two or three excellent albums early in his career, although he lost his quality control over the years and has recently been dragged into a bit of a #metoo scandal, so he loses points for that as well.

"And perhaps the best of the 3, Gin Blossoms - 29, who at very least fit in some nice jangly guitars into a pretty decent tune with some appropriately wistful lyrics."

Yes. I'm rather fond of the Gin Blossoms also, so that would be my winner from your selections.

Over to Martin, who ticked quite a few off my list...

Steve Earle & The Dukes - No. 29

Robert Plant - 29 Palms

"A double-whammy in Beyond Skin by Nitin Sawhney for the lyric..."

On July 29th at 5.29am...

ELO - Last Train To London

It was 9:29, 
9:29 back street, big city

"Chattanooga Choo-Choo by, well, loads of people references "Track 29", I think."

Yes, it does. Loads of people, but only one...

Glenn Miller - Chattanooga Choo Choo

From one Glenn to another Glen...

"I'm A Lazy Sod by The Sex Pistols starts..."

You're only 29, got a lot to learn.

"And because it's you, Rol, doesn't Bruce have a song called Highway 29?"

You mean this one?

Bruce Springsteen - Highway 29

Speaking of Steve Earle (as Martin did way back when), Lynchie was quick to offer this...

Steve Earle & The Dukes - Billy Austin

My name is Billy Austin
I'm Twenty-Nine years old...

Charity Chic was quick to second that, adding, "the live version on Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator is up there with the best of his songs..."

Steve Earle & The Dukes - Billy Austin (Live)

Lynchie also suggested a couple more that had made my (not so) short list...

Hank Snow - There's A Little Box Of Pine On The 7:29

Tom Waits - $29.00

Then came Alyson, who's petitioning for a return of Randy Tuesdays or Kenny Wednesdays. One thing at once, eh? I'm still not back up to full steam. She did have this to offer though...

"A date this week rather than a time but Chicago did an anti-war kind of song called Someday (August 29, 1968) - Included is real audio of the crowds at an infamous demonstration."

Never heard that before, but I did like it. I always enjoy early Chicago when they had a brass section.

Martin stole many of Rigid Digit's suggestions this week, but RD did dig out the following...

"Simultaneously the best and worst album ever released..."

"From it, Pachuco Cadaver opens with the philosophical line:"

A squid eating dough in a Polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous

"Fanciful nonsense?"

I've to admit, RD, I tried very hard with TMR back in the day, but couldn't ever find my way into it.

"But the 29 bit comes later:"

Got her wheel out of a B-29 Bomber, Brody knob amber
Spanish fringe 'n talcum tassles forever amber

Yeah, I'm still not convinced.

Your second suggestion though, was on my list...

Nick Lowe - Marie Provost

Mary Provost did not look her best
The day the cops bust into her lonely nest
In the cheap hotel up
On Hollywood West July 29

And that was it for your suggestions this week. What furballs did my hard drive cough up?

Cherry Poppin' Daddies - 2:29

King Creosote - February 29th

Frank Sinatra - The Lady From 29 Palms 

Seals & Crofts - 29 Years From Texas

Irving Fields Trio - Cha Cha No. 29

Johnny Paycheck - 11 Months and 29 Days

Chumbawamba - Smash Clause 29!

Baader Meinhof - GSG 29

Marc Cohn - 29 Ways

Something Happens - Room 29

The National - 29 Years

Robert Palmer - 29 Ways (To My Baby's Door)

Golden Earring - Cell 29

And then there was this, which I'm very surprised nobody suggested. A worthy runner-up this week...

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - 29

I'm less surprised nobody predicted this week's winner though. It has featured on this blog previously, but probably isn't that well known in the real world.

I still love it...

28? I've a feeling this one might be tough.


  1. I'm On E by Blondie has the line "I used to have a car of my own, 28 or 58."

    Grace by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions might feature again in five weeks time, for the line "Does it feel so bad to be 28, you were 23"

    Reelin' and Rockin' by Chuck Berry has loads of times in, including "Well I looked at my watch, it was 10:28, I gotta get my kicks before it get too late"

    And my personal favourite (even if it is atypical), from the pen of Ray Davies, Low Budget by The Kinks, which has this:

    "Even my trousers are giving me pain,
    They were reduced in a sale so I shouldn't complain.
    They squeeze me so tight so I can't take no more,
    They're size 28 but I take 34."

  2. Slim pickings from me I'm afraid. 'Never Be the Same Again' by Puressence features the lines '...you're feeling lots of pain again, December 28 again, your famous boxing day again...' December 28th? Boxing Day? What's that all about? Great song though.

  3. Bob Dylan - I Shall Be Free No. 10:
    "I was shadow-boxing earlier in the day
    I figured I was ready for Cassius Clay
    I said "Fee, fie, fo, fum, Cassius Clay, here I come
    26, 27, 28, 29, I'm gonna make your face look just like mine"

    Chuck Berry - Reelin and Rockin

    "Well I looked at my watch, it was 10:28
    I gotta get my kicks before it get too late
    And we was reelin', reelin' and a rockin'
    We was reelin' and a rockin'
    Rollin' till the break of dawn..."

  4. How about Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers 'Roadrunner' with the line
    "I'm in love with modern moonlight, 1.28 when it's dark outside"...

  5. Oh and there's '22 Grand Job' by the Rakes, love that song and it's pure energy, and before it comes up again in 6 weeks' time for obvious reasons it could get a little preview here for the line
    "But he's only 28, no more 22".

  6. The only song i have on is Forever 28 by Stephen Malkmaus & The Jicks.
    Also have Karaoke Queen by Younger Younger 28's.

  7. Motley Crue - Bad Boy Boogie
    "We're innocent in every way
    Like apple pie and Chevrolet
    Sweeter pies with different shapes

    Other than that, I need to invoke the "50 Words For Snow" card again
    28: Robbers Veil

  8. Alicia Keys has a song called 28 Thousand Days which is apparently the average lifespan so we should pack as much in as we can. Scarily I've had nearly 22,000 days already so I'd better get a wiggle on.

    In case anyone new around here got confused, I transposed the words in my favourite series to Tuesday Randys but it does sound so much better the other way round! More please whenever you have the time.


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