Saturday, 21 December 2019

Seasonal Snapshots III

Last Christmas, I have you my snapshots, but the very next day, you gave me the answers.

This year, to save me from tears, I'm giving you 25 of the buggers. Wham!

25. Used by Native American cultures in sacred ceremonies: Scottish trolley for people with weak leg joints.

24. Two articles on better breathing for fish. Not Buddy's ...the day.

23. T-mas left after dire traffic jam.

22. What Santa needs... a double homicide.

21. OHHHHHHH! Wrapping.

20. Predictions of misery from your flat screen TV & stereo.

19. Remain in that postcode for at least 24 more hours.

18. Move over... Jesus was one too.

17. Common sense list for America or Jack?

16. Gargled harem hopes to last to the end of the month.

15. A short, painful New Year for Shaky... and what came before that wasn't the best either.

14. Get... Clemons! No chimney, obviously.

13. Da do ones kill Andy Bell.

12. The story of snow in Chelmsford or Saffron Walden.

11. Kids hanging around a barber's shop on the zebra crossing.

10. The opposite of a Silent Night... with added bloodshed.

9. My average sucks... and I always get miserable around now.

8. Dinosaur punch goes straight to your head.

7. Small Buddy Hollies jingle.

6. Don't forget snarly rhinos!

5. "Two weeks off work." That's amazing!

4.  American sums found in delivery ward.

3. I'm not even going to write a clue for this one. Everything you need is in the picture.

2. Home of Kemp, King and Scorsese... on the road, darling.

1. My way to wish you all yuletide greetings.

I'll save the answers for someone special... aka you lot... very soon.


  1. 12 David Essex- A Winter Tale
    23 Chris Rea -Driving Home for Christmas

  2. 2 Housemartins - Caravan of Love

  3. 17 Captain Sensible Christmas Catalogue

  4. 14 clarence Carter back door santa

  5. 4 Johnny Mathis when a child is born

  6. 11 white stripes candy cane children

  7. 7 Raveonettes - the Christmas Song

  8. 25. Paul McCartney, Pipes of Peace

  9. 22. The Killers. They've done loads of Christmas songs though, so...

  10. 18. The Carpenters. Again, no idea of song (am having a bad day!)

  11. 15 Sufjan Stevens, That Was The Worst Christmas Ever!

  12. 5 is Stevie Wonder and 1 is young Frank Sinatra. Songs, anyone?

    1. Not easy, as a "veteran" of snapshots maybe I can crack the clues:

      1: Frank Sinatra - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

      5: Stevie Wonder: The Miracles Of Christmas

  13. 10 London Wainwright iii Christmas morning

    1. My Loudon knowledge is limited so I had to Google it.
      I'll Be Killing You This Christmas

  14. 16 Merle haggard if we make it through december

  15. 6 harry nilsson remember christmas

  16. 3 eels Christmas is going to the dogs

  17. 9 - Kacey Musgraves, Christmas Makes Me Cry
    20 - LCD Sound System, Christmas Will Break You

  18. 17 - Captain Sensible, One Christmas Catalogue

  19. Brilliant Rol. Happy holidays. Are we done here, or are there some scraps? I can't tell.

  20. I don't think 24 has been cracked yet - I think it's Thea Gilmore (?)


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