Thursday, 25 February 2021

MId-Life Crisis Songs #60: Where There's A Will...


There's nothing more guaranteed to make you feel the mid-life dread than when your other half convinces you it's time to get a will.

What do I need a will for? If I die, it all goes to you.

Yes, but what if we both die?

Then it all goes to Sam.

But who's going to look after him till he's an adult?


And what if all three of us die?

If all three of us die, what do we care where - what little we have - goes after that? It's no use to us.

We have to decide.

Thank god there's a practical one in this house, I guess, who can think about such things. Me, I just go along...

But if this blog suddenly goes quiet next week... can I just ask you all to call a snoopy-nosed detective?

The final stinger?

How much you have to pay a bloody solicitor to write your wills!

After that, we won't have anything left to leave anyway.

Here's a song from that Bahamas album that made it into my Top 20 Albums of 2020. It's about money, and how we spend it, and where that leads us. It's a simple morality tale in 4 minutes ten, and it's very funky.

Yes, we had the house
And we have the car
And paid for it all
On some credit card
Now that ain't right

My second home
Your student loan
And every year I got myself a brand new phone
Can't do without
Don't have the nerve
I tell myself that these are things that I deserve


  1. I realised a long time ago that I'm worth more dead than alive...

  2. I made out a will a few months ago (by video call) after signing up for a free will service and donating a certain amount to Save The Children. It was 200 quid, but you can pay less or more than that. You can donate to other charities too.

  3. BeIng an adult really sucks.


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