Friday, 6 April 2018

Grumpy Old Men Songs #1

This series is not replacing Mid-Life Crisis Songs: it's designed to run alongside it. You may argue that I'm too young to qualify as a Grumpy Old Man, but I would counter thus:

1) Most of the artists I grew up with, being considerably older than me, definitely fit that category now, and this is designed to celebrate them.

2) Almost thirty years ago, when I'd just started the Sixth Form, doing my A Levels, my nickname was "Victor Meldrew"... so I have always been a GOM at heart.

1. John Mellencamp - Sad Clowns

A recent post over at The Vinyl Villain (of all places!) reminded me how much I love John Mellencamp. I thought about doing a series just about him, celebrating all the great songs nobody knows from him... but I thought that might be self-indulgent (like that's ever stopped me). I got into him as a teenager and though we lost touch a little in the noughties, he's always been there for me.

This is from his most recent (23rd!) studio album, released about a year ago. As grumpy old men go, it's pretty mild. Don't worry - they'll get grumpier!

Well, I don't wait on women
I don't open doors
I'm not much of a gentleman
And by the way, I keep score
So if you are thinking
You're sitting on top of the world with me
Baby, you'd better think again

I don't care for girls
Who give compliments to themselves
How glamorous they are
And how they're really something else
I've been taken in
By women like that before
So baby, you'd better think again

I could be more accommodating
But somehow it's lost on me
And all this useless talking
About how it's going to be
I'll come along for the ride
And this sad clown company
Hey baby, you'd better think again

No video available, so here's a link...


  1. You were/are a GYM really more than a GOM.
    I can't help but feel that pic of JM is just missing a little red pointy hat and a fishing rod. But I like the lyric - you'd know where you are with him. GOMs can be strangely attractive!

  2. Coincidentally I've just picked up an old hardback copy of David Renwick's One Foot In The Grave book. No book jacket so an unsure as yet whether it's a novel or a series of short stories, but will find out.


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