Friday, 27 April 2018

Grumpy Old Men Songs #3: No, Thank You

Here's a proper grumpy old man for you. Famously grumpy in his youth with his fellow bandmates. Reckoned hell would freeze over before he'd get back together with those guys... then did a tour called Hell Freezes Over. Spent many years fighting David Geffen to get out of his contract. Puts out a new record about once a decade, if we're lucky. And in his last one, he went proper country - the true sign of a grumpy old man in the music industry.

But... we lost his old songwriting partner a year or so back though, so we should be grateful to have this grumpy old 70 year old still kicking around.

Here's the grumpiest song from his most recent record, Cass County...

3. Don Henley - No, Thank You

These are hard times we're living in
Nobody cuts you any slack
We got Space Age machinery, Stone Age emotions
Today a man had better watch his back
Everybody's selling somethin', the baron and the bumpkin
A man has got to fight for what is his
If what they're offering to you looks too good to be true
You can bet your bottom dollar that it is!

No, thank you
I don't think so
I think I'm smellin' a rat
Don't tell me what you're gonna do for me
'Cause I've been there done that

B.S. blaring from the radio, the TV
Hot wind blowin' off the hill
It's a mystery to me we can't agree to disagree
It's lookin' like we never, ever will
Like a drunkard in the night, swingin' left and swingin' right
Republican or Democrat
Well, I ain't got no love for none of the above
'Cause I've been there, done that

Oh, and he's too grumpy to let his music appear on youtube too. So here's a link...


  1. Grumpy maybe, but - to paraphrase Martin Mull - he could sing and play drums at the same time!

    1. Indeed. A rare talent. And he must always be treasured for seeing a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac.


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