Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Hot 100 Countdown #88

I set quite a challenge with my Number 88 choice, offering ten points for a correct guess, figuring that nobody would stand a chance.

Nobody did.

However, a couple of you came VERY close... so close in fact that you revealed to me something I didn't even know about the song I'd chosen. It's not an original. It's a parody! More on that in a moment...

First, the runners-up...

The Swede suggested Rocket 88, one of the forerunners of rock 'n' roll, originally recorded by Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats... with a little help from Ike Turner (Brenston was Ike's saxophonist). It's been covered since by all manner of rock 'n' roll greats, but its place in the history of rock 'n' roll would surely guarantee it a place in this countdown... if it wasn't for a certain other song we'll get to shortly.

Other possibilities included...

ELO - Latitude 88 North

OMD - 88 Seconds In Greensboro (Rigid Digit's second choice)

Cher - 88 Degrees

Sum 41 - 88 (thanks to C)

And lyrically...

Placebo - Hang On To Your  ("Two fat ladies on my back and now it's 88")

Paul Weller - Two Fat Ladies (imagine sitting between Weller and Brian Molko at the bingo)

Bruce Springsteen - Spirits In The Night (in which Bruce takes us up to Greasy Lake via Route 88)

All of which brings us to my choice, an irresistible hymn to all the geeky girls the singer had dated in the past. It's a track I stumbled across when it went viral a few years back and being a bit of a geek myself, I loved all the lyrical references...

Colleen was from a comic book 
Her spandex bursting at the seams 
Belinda dressed up all in brass 
Fulfilled my Princess Leia dreams 

Connie turned me on to Sandman 
Death had never looked so fine 
Gretchen was a vampire slay'r 
Showed me her stake, I showed her mine 

Of course, I really should do my research. Because up until last week, I had no idea that this was actually a parody of a much older song by an American band from the 70s and 80s called The Nails. I do not claim to know everything, so I'll happily tip my hat (and award points to) Alyson, Rigid Digit and Swiss Adam for directing me towards the original... which I also now love... though not quite as much as the Adam Fromm version. You never get over your first love.

Eighty-seven? No definites, it's a pretty open field. Any ideas?


  1. I thought you'd like that song although now having seen the lyrics for the cover, yes, can see how that would be the one for you.

    Nothing from me for 87 and I suspect it might have to be another lyrics inspired pick, although I might be wrong. Let's see.

  2. I've got three suggestions (but 2 of them are years so likely to be immediately excluded).
    David Bowie - 87 and Cry
    Bouncing Souls - 87
    Hank Williams III - 87 Southbound


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