Sunday, 1 April 2018

Saturday Snapshots #26 - The Answers

For the first time in the history of Saturday Snapshot - nobody got ANY of them right.

Clearly I'm making this quiz too difficult.

I think I should pack it in. It's obviously run its course.

Here are the last ever answers, anyway...

10. Strolling round the Sun puts a scratch on your cornet.

Bernie Walker - Brass Tacks

9. Frank had a few, on the beach.

The G&Ts - Sandcastles

8. Massachusetts is better than Flashdance!

Salem's Seven - Irene

7. I don't doubt you could tape over this - so calm down!

Hysterical Eric - Play & Record

6. The brown-eyed kings of Connacht take more than a week.

The Fortnights - Van Morrison Is Our God

5. 46, I think. If I'm still here in another 136 years, I'll scarcely be able to open my eyes.

Mathletics - Conjunctivitus

4. Where you'll find the virgin oil... and one's main elbow.

Virginia Ewing - The Crook Of Your Arm

3. Reserve Michael, Clive and Wilfred to go all around the world.

Bobby Global - Dad's Army Reserves

2. A priest plays for Clint at the Mesopotamian party.

Eastwood Vicar - Entertaining Iraq

1.The King monk's partner (and his dad) need help with a bicycle puncture.

The answer to this one is in verse three... you just have to know the lyrics.

Thanks for playing.


  1. Very good, a covert Top 10 there but I did get thrown by that opening line - Yes we were a bit rubbish yesterday weren’t we!

  2. Eastwood Vicar's second album, Jordan Is Just A Pair of ..., was a career highlight from which he never recovered

  3. And this is why you rule, Rol.


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