Monday, 30 April 2018

Mid-Life Crisis Songs #24: Hello In There

My dad was 42 when I was born. I was 42 when Sam was born. The downside to being an older parent is that if Sam waits as long as I did to have kids, I won't be able to run around in the park with my grandkids that much (if I'm even still here). On the other hand, I do believe that kids keep older people young. I understand there was even a TV show where they sent little kids into an old folk's home and saw positive benefits all round. I can see the same thing with my own parents: I'm pretty sure being surrounded by grandkids and great-grandkids has kept them going longer than most.

24. John Prine - Hello In There

This is one of the most heartbreaking songs I've ever heard about growing old. Makes me glad I wasn't a young parent, glad I waited. Who wants to be old and alone?

Hello In There comes from John Prine's 1971 debut album. I just picked up his most recent record On Friday. If this is how he saw old age back when he was 25, I wonder how it looks 47 years later? I'll let you know.


  1. There was indeed, it was called Old People's Home For 4 Year Olds and was excellent.

  2. One of John Prine's best."

    There should be statues of him all over the USA.

  3. Oh no, don't talk about old age and being alone! Mr SDS and I are going to have to get some surrogate children, I think. Either that or an emergency supply of lethal drugs. I'm already considering how I can get myself a morphine overdose when it all gets too much...

    1. Sorry, C. Didn't mean to come over as "smug parent". For many years I didn't think I would ever be a father, so I can see things from the other side of the fence. Besides, I truly believe that old punks never grow old!

    2. Don't worry, Rol, you don't come across like that at all and I think it's lovely that you have Sam. It's just funny how we never wanted children - until realising only too late just how handy they might come in later ;-)


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