Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The Hot 100 Countdown #94

94 East were a funk band in the late 70s founded by Pepe Willie, the husband of Prince's cousin Shauntel. Pepe gave young Prince his first taste of the music biz, getting him to play guitar in the band and even write one song: Just Another Sucker.

94 East can't fill the vacant spot in this week's Hot 100 though, as band names aren't allowed. The number has to feature in the song's title... or, at a push, its lyrics...

Which is what I've had to go to for 94, since the only 94 songs in my collection were ones featuring dates, and as I keep saying, I'm really trying to avoid though (if only because, somewhere down the line, I have an idea for a similar feature involving years). So no Tempted '94, no Prayer '94 (I know, that will be the biggest blow to many readers), not even the amazing 1.1.94.

Well done to those of you who managed to dig out songs with 94 in the title: more than my record collection yielded.

The Swede came up with I'm 94 Today by Will Fyffe, which certainly pleased our Scottish contingent.

Rigid Digit offered 94 Hours by As I Lay Dying, which I quite liked... until the singer started. If "singer" is the appropriate word. Probably isn't.

Alyson offered New York Mining Disaster 1941 by the Bee Gees, which is a fine piece of music but is also a year song... and although it does have a 9 & a 4 in it, I'm not sure even I could get away with calling it a 94 song.

Onto lyrical 94s then, and I must admit that Rigid Digit had me kicking myself when he offered Ben Folds' excellent Brainwascht, a song which contains the telling couplet:

But if you had to say it all with a pop song,
Couldn't you at least have written me a good one?

There is definitely a 94 in the lyrics too... but I'm not sure I understand it in the context of the rest of the song. Unless it refers to the year... in which case: disqualified.

All of which leaves me with only my original suggestion... one which C swooped in and identified immediately, before anyone else had a chance.

Supposedly, Always Crashing The Same Car is a song about Bowie ramming his Mercedes into the car of a drug dealer he thought had ripped him off, then driving at high speed round an underground car park while Iggy Pop ("Jasmine") looks on. Rock and roll...

Jasmine, I saw you peeping
As I pushed my foot down to the floor
I was going round and round the hotel garage
Must have been touching close to 94

Next up (in case counting backwards isn't your strong point): 93. I do actually have a couple of titular 93s in my music box, and I don't think either of them relate to the year I turned 21... although they might do. Anyway, let's see what you guys come up with...


  1. So far, I'm coming up with nothing for 93. (Spoiler alert, nothing for 92 or 91 either.)

  2. Starting out with "99 songs" made it feel as if this challenge was going to be easy but getting a whole lot harder now - I'm with The Swede in that I have nothing for the next few numbers. Having said that, if a little research is allowed I have come up with this sweet song: 93 Million Miles by Jason Mraz. Probably won't be your pick as it will probably come from the lyrics but as I'm into all things celestial/moon & sun related at the moment, quite happy to have found it.

  3. I'm glad I managed to make up for my poor performance in Saturday Snapshots, at least!
    But - 93 - nothing at the moment - and find myself keeping having false hopes as erroneous song titles spring automatically to mind: 93 Red Balloons, 93 Problems, 93 Tears, etc. They all seem so feasible!

  4. Third World - 93 Degrees in the Shade

    1. Well, that's the best suggestion we've had so far...

  5. 93 Million Miles by Jason Mraz. Thanks to a google search. Probably too recent (from 2012)

  6. I wasn't insinuating anything rude Rol. I know you are into both newer and older music. So far this quiz reaches for the pre 2010s music, hence the comment. Enjoying the series :)

    1. I know, Chris. Only joking. Besides, I say I'm old all the time!


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